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12.06.2012 Education

LESDEP Graduates 150 Disabled Beneficiaries

By W.K. Adusu & Francis Xavier Tuokuu
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The Local Enterprise and Skills Development (LESDEP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government have graduated about one hundred and fifty (150) beneficiaries mainly people with disabilities in Accra on Thursday who have undergone skills training in Mobile Phone Repairs, Information, Communication and Technology Training, Catering, Sewing among others between the past six months to one year.

The center established some four years ago, has now witnessed its first graduation ceremony under the auspices of Local Government for people with disabilities. The graduates were thankful to the government and LESDEP for the opportunity given them and promised to work hard so that many others with disabilities will benefit.

Mr. Tetteh who delivered a message on behalf of beneficiaries said they have waited long for this day to come stating that, the programme has challenged them to work hard to earn profits for themselves instead of loitering around begging.

According to him, unlike other programmes which only give people with disabilities handouts, the LESDEP programme has equipped them well-enough and they are ready for the world of work and called on other organisations to emulate the good example of LESDEP.

“It is difficult for people with abilities to get jobs these days, how more we those with disabilities?” he asked rhetorically stating that; “in the near future we will tell our success stories to others”.

He called on his fellow beneficiaries to use the equipment given them with care and make sure they pay back so that other disabled people across the country can also benefit.

Some of the equipments and vehicles given to the beneficiaries included, catering equipments, tri-circles, hair-dryers, secretariat equipments (desk top, printer, and other accessories), sewing and designer machines, locally manufactured stoves, gas cylinders among others.

Some recipients of the items were, Madam Nafisah Mardi, a Caterer, Mr. Joseph Nanor, mobile phone repairer, Mr. George Kumi and Issifu Seidu both drivers, who took away different types of tri-circles and Madam Fanny Amartey benefited in the Secretariat equipments to run secretariat services.

Presenting the items, the National Coordinator for LESDEP, Mr. Adem Gariba urged the beneficiaries to take good care of the equipments and use them for the purpose for which they were designed for in order for them to last longer.

“You are supposed to work and raise money to pay for the equipments and for it to become your bona-fide properties”, he reminded them.

He said many people have underestimated the capabilities of people with disabilities and that explains why LESDEP has decided to equip them with the necessary skills so they can contribute not only to their personal development but also contribute to Ghana's development as a whole.

He said this particular graduation is just one of many to come adding, “you are the trailblazers. What you do will inform others sitting on the fence to also do something. Go out there and show commitment and hard work”.

He urged beneficiaries to inform their colleagues on the streets to leave the roads and take up the opportunity to have a skill that could fetch them money and respect within the society.

In a bid to clear the street of people with disabilities begging, the Local Government targets about 5,000 beneficiaries to be part of the programme next year.

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