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12 June 2012 | Business & Finance

PFC Employs 200 Youth

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Pioneer Food Cannery (PFC), Ghana's largest processor and exporter of tuna fisheries products, has begun a recruitment process to increase its workforce to boost production capacity.

Voted Best Tuna Processing Plant for 2011, the management of the company last week recruited 200 young workers to add to the existing 1,600 workforce to meet its strategic growth. The 200 people were chosen from a crowd of over 500 unemployed youth who responded to the invitation.

The recruitment follows PFC's on-going growth strategy and plans to meet the ever-growing demands for the high quality products made by PFC under its strong brands in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

The General Manager of PFC, Nichol Elizabeth commented, 'There are many reasons as to why PFC products are in demand today at extremely high levels, the timely and reliable delivery of our quality products to the market are key contributing factors''.

Again, the quality of PFC's finished product is supported by accreditations / certifications and the high-level sustainability of the commitment of the company to the protection of the marine and environmental resources, he added.

Mr. Elizabeth noted that the development was definitely a good sign for Ghana's tuna industry considering PFC's role as the industry leader for the past decade.

PFC has invested an annual average of US$7-8 million to implement its expansion and compliance strategy and is proud to combine Ghanaian heritage with global competiveness.

PFC currently produces approximately 50,000 tonnes of raw tuna fish per year with the hope of increasing it to 55,000 tonnes by 2014 to create between 400 and 500 jobs in Tema.

 By Samuel Boadi

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