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05.06.2012 Business & Finance

Stratcomm Africa's Reputation Clinics commended

Stratcomm Africa's Reputation Clinics commended
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Accra, June 5, GNA - Participants and exhibitors at the just-ended second SME EXPO Exhibition in Accra, said the Stratcomm Africa Reputation Management Clinics were major ingredient for meeting the developmental growth needs of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the country.

They noted that though the clinical sessions were rather short and straight-to-the-point, the took into consideration a comprehensive diagnosis of the companies' special needs regarding communications, branding and financial requirements and what critical steps were required to move the companies from their current growth tangents to the next level of growth.

The commendation was made in a statement issued in Accra on Monday, copied to the Ghana News Agency.

The Stratcomm Reputational Management Clinics is unique communications strategies to meet specific needs of SMEs that run alongside the lines of the second SME Exhibition and Conference organised by OML Ghana.

It was on the theme “Great Expectations for SMEs”
The participants had the privilege of talking to consultants in communication, brands and advertising, and financing, to help them acquire knowledge for their communication needs.

An exhibitor said she was excited that she participated in the clinic, which had opened a new dimension to her business operations, and would follow up to ensure a complete reorganisation of her business operations.

Another was of the view that,” We thought we had everything wrapped up, and doing things right, especially in terms of branding and communications. But after going through the various specialist sessions of Stratcomm Africa, I now know that we have a lot more to do to get to our target groups.”

"The sessions we have had with Stratcomm Africa is an eye opener. We really need their help and support in terms of communications, public relations and how to build the reputational image of our businesses. We now know that this is important if we want our business to grow and be transformed.”

“Some of us have small budgets and our view was that we cannot afford the charges required. But now we know that, we have to make a choice to bring our businesses to a certain standard, otherwise, the loses thereby could be more than estimated.”

Ms Esther Cobbah, Chief Executive of Stratcomm Africa, a communication and reputation management agency, said expectation had been exceeded, especially considering the turn out.

Speaking to the media, she noted that the Clinics were to let owners of businesses and their managements appreciate the value of communications and its impact on business growth and success.

Ms Cobbah said it was time SMEs seized the opportunity offered by Ghana's growing economy to show their distinguished characteristics, adding that,” Communication is the key to unlocking this. Our desire as a nation to promote and utilise local content will be meaningless if we are unable to project the quality and value to be derived from such local content.”

In an interview with Janet Adanusa, Operations Manager at Stratcomm Africa, the response over the period had been overwhelming and exceeded their expectations completely.

“It is a clear manifestation that Stratcomm Africa is providing a critical need for SMEs that has long been neglected. We work to ensure that these needs are provided at all times and in full measure.”

Mr Martin Atta-Fynn, Chief Operations Manager, Stratcomm Africa, said he was elated going through the list of post-clinical comments, adding that "We are providing a need and the comments are that the SMEs want such a service and we are the best positioned to provide this service".


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