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04.06.2012 Feature Article

Your real and imaginary problems

Your real and imaginary problems
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Life is in great peril, full of problems, I am sick and tired of my problems, why life is so cruel, I am wary of the world with problems etc., are the most common feelings many would carry and ventilate in their day to day life. The feelings of people in the corporate world will be no way different from anyone in the society. Are the problems really causing problems to people or constantly thinking about the problems cause more problems, one need to introspect and understand?

Instead of trying to know about the problems and its solutions in general, one needs to know the evolution and genesis of problems in the world. Problems came first or solution came first. If one look at from the biology point of view would understand that solution only appeared first and only after the arrival of solution to any problem, problem appeared. In some instances, problems are solutions and vice versa as well in nature.

Unless one look at things from different perspectives or from the premises of biology and management, separately, the evolution of problem-solution relationship cannot be understood.

Look at the example in the simple sense. Whether the predatory animals like lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah etc., came first or deer, cattle, zebra etc., came first? Possibly, the herbivores only would have appeared first and only then the carnivores would have evolved. The problem of carnivores is their food, which is nothing but its prey. Nature has created enough and more prey animals and only then it had created the predators. From the predators' point of view, solution came first, but still the problem persists for the predators.

This solution is also a best solution to the herbivores. If the population of herbivores is not checked, over utilization and total utilization of vegetation would result in total destruction of both vegetation and the life of all herbivores as well. Solution-problem- and-problem as a solution to an impending problem, one can see from the above example.

Theoretically, only after the evolution of green plants, the possibly the evolution of herbivores would have happened on earth.

The creative secret of life is no way different from the creative essence of nature and the creation of flora and fauna. All the problems people do describe, venerate, exaggerate, ruminate or extrapolate has solutions much before the birth of such problems. Unfortunately, people are seeing only the problem and not the solution.

When one focus and anticipate problem, naturally only the problems surface and not the solution. What one search only would find like the popular lines of a song “Que Sera Sera”

Even before giving birth to young ones or lay eggs, the mother animals search and find safe places to build nest etc. Solution they search in anticipation of a problem.

Every problem has two facets.
1. the problem being real
2. the problem being imaginary
For all real problems, solutions arrive first and only then the problem takes its birth. On the contrary, all the imaginary problems reside in the centre of a solution. When people are tuned only to focus the issues in corporate, they focus only the problems as always problems are at the centre and hence the huge space of solution around the problems, they tend to miss or overlook.

Life is not a problem, it is a solution and with solution, hence one should not create problem neither to oneself nor to others with ones life. Corporate people can learn many things from nature provided they open their inner eyes.

Do not sink in problems but learn to swim and dive with joy in solutions.

Ref: Management Book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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