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The Kind Hearted People In our World

This tribute's in commemoration to our gallant Nurses who selflessly served and continue to serve their fellow human-beings in Ghana and around the world. The international Nurses Day always celebrates around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingales birth.

Nurses are people most of us have utmost respect and admiration due to the nature of the work they do and the forbearance they associate with their work. Dealing with the human being under normal condition is not an easy task, come to think of dealing with them when they are in pain and in tribulation's much difficult to bear.

Thank God, apart from the normal periodic checkups in my adolescence till my adulthood, I've never been to the hospital for any cure but I've visited loved ones and relatives on many occasions.

On those occasions I have been able to see the hard working nature of Nurses equally had the chance to witness some of the people I visited in horrendous pain some in traumatized conditions some convalescing and some return to our maker. May the Kind Almighty God have mercy on them, may their souls rest in perfect peace.

In life most of us choose to live in comfort and delectation especially when it's narrowed down to our occupational preferences but these kind hearted people choose to live in constant pain, in extreme anxiety and uncomfortable situations at their places of work. Nurses are people we admire so much due to their compassionate dedication to mankind. We unequivocally hold them in high esteem and our hearts goes out to all of them around the world.

The hospital's not a place for fun. It's a place to diagnose, research to cure various impaired conditions with mild and acute sicknesses of all kinds, the professionals underlining factor's to restore good health to the sick. It's always very difficult to stay around the sick due to uncomfortable situations associated with their conditions but, that's exactly what the nurse goes through everyday around the clock.

Having eulogized nurses and rightfully so, I humbly acknowledge some of them carry their worries and their naggings from their homes to work places to torment patients sometimes unconsciously. But they are very few compared to the dedicated ones who work around the clock to restore hope and good health to the sick. Nursing's a human institution so; nobody should expect perfection.

Nurses undergo tremendous mental pain and emotional stress due to occurrences at their work places. Any human conditional anomaly that will leave you freak-out is a constant dosage in their lives at work. Some people will faint at a glance of what nurses go through every day. No matter how disgusting the situation, the nurse's always there to touch, to comfort to restore hope and good health to the sick.

They take away half of the pain from their patients due to the gleaming smiles on their beautiful faces. Under strenuous conditions, nurses deliver our babies. They clean the sick, dress, feed them and comfort to soothe their pain. Most times nocturnally when it's quiet and everybody's fast asleep, that's when nurses are tormented with uncomfortable situations from their patients.

They are cognizant of the risk and the uncomfortable situations around them yet they enthusiastically pursue their work with tact without showing a scintilla of resentment. They risk being infected with contagious diseases due to constant exposure to the sick yet they endure.

Some may argue they wear gloves to protect themselves but, however naive you may be, do you expect them to close their eyes not to see the uncomfortable situations around them? Some will say they are paid to do what they do but, their work is incomparable to the financial wages they receive.

And remember they are human beings so they go through the same emotional stress like all of us do. Most of them do their work not necessarily because of the financial remuneration but, significantly due to their compassion for humanity and the love for their countries.

Most people go to hospitals due to unbearable health conditions. When your health fails, you don't have the luxury to prepare for funds before you proceed to the hospital. As a result some go there without funds to pay for the services rendered. Under extreme situations, nurses sometimes contribute to pay bills for patients to leave the hospital.

Some bring to patients toiletries, food and even clothes for the upkeep of their patients. Some nurses out of empathy or sympathy develop intimate relationship with their patients and even marry them. On the International level is Michael Jackson who married Debbie Rowe who was his nurse. Nurses are wonderful human beings in my humble estimation, whoever gets the opportunity to marry a nurse's a very lucky person. Those married to nurses will testify to this factual postulation that benignity's the hallmark of the nurse.

The nurses I'm talking about are those who unconditionally take care of the sick and sympathize with their conditions and goes all out to see them fully treated. Any of you who came across those nurses will completely understand what I'm elucidating here.


If by any chance you come across a nurse in need of assistance don't hesitate because of the wonderful work they do around the clock for their fellow human beings. Their effort to humanity exceeds the remuneration they receive at the end of the month including their end of service benefits. But, we want them to have the consolation that, Almighty God rewards the kind amongst us with his heavenly benisons.

We cannot fully discuss about Nurses without mentioning the name of one of their gallant pioneers who made her compassion for humanity a priority in her entire life. Florence Nightingale became prominent among her peers due to her selfless professional dedicated service to humanity and her country.

Florence Nightingale's a daughter of a wealthy landowner called William Nightingale of Embly Park, Hampshire. Her father William Nightingale was involved in anti slavery movement which means compassion for humanity's within the family. She persisted and never wavered until her parents eventually permitted her to enroll as a nurse even though, they initially objected the notion because, in those days nursing was the preserve for the working class.

During the Crimean War in 1853, Florence Nightingale volunteered her services and was eventually given permission to take a group of thirty eight nurses to Turkey to care for Great Britain's sick and battle wounded soldiers.

She succeeded in reducing the death rate of her patients by improving the general quality of sanitary conditions at the hospital.

Florence Nightingale will always be germane in our contemporary world due to her dedicated service to humanity and her country just as all nurses do at all times throughout the world. Nurses in Ghana are dedicated to their work in spite of the meager salary they receive. Their salary does not in any way commensurate with the functions of their work yet they continually wholeheartedly forge ahead with compassion and patriotism.

At this stage we will call on our noble nurses especially the Ghana Registered Nurses Association, Government Registered Midwives Association and Ghana Nursing Association to take up the mantle as usual from their mentor Florence Nightingale.

We hold nurses in high esteem so we call on you to step up more in educating the masses about good eating habits, regular physical activity – exercise, and the negative effects of filth in the society to stern the tide of mostly avoidable sicknesses in our societies.

We implore the government to support the nurses to step-up this campaign to the masses. Don't wait until disaster strikes before we start running around the world for assistance from the international communities. Prevention is always better than to cure!

Nurses do a lot for the citizenry in Ghana and around the world, but this is also a national call. It's our hope the aforementioned associations including all the stake holders in this sector will find time to educate the masses about the aforementioned topics I've raised to prevent avoidable sicknesses streaming into our hospitals. Show your readiness as usual to lead this noble cause sensitizing the nation about the importance of these conditions.

With your beautiful ladies and the gentlemen in their neatly dressed outfits sensitizing people on the radios and on the television stations about our eating habits, exercise and the importance of salubrious conditions, it will signify the seriousness of these situations in our lives. This will equally educate the city dwellers to get rid the filth to curb the invading mosquitoes in our environments and in our bedrooms. The filth breeds the mosquitoes which have serious consequences.

With this education, multitude of patients coming into the hospitals will significantly be reduced to curtail the over stretched hopeless conditions in our hospitals. We are very confident, with our compassionate nurses involved; we will sooner see a significant reduction of the sick people streaming to the hospitals.

Finally we cannot complete without imploring the government to speed up with wages commensurable to the work nurses do. The SSSS program's commendable however; additional motivational incentives will be an added value to show appreciation for what our nurses do for mankind and their country.

Conditions of living have become so unbearable in our contemporary world that, government must quickly adjust livable salaries and the end of service benefits for our gallant Nurses. These dedicated patriots who kindly took care of us and our sick must not end up living in destitute conditions after all their prime years of selfless service to humanity and their nation.

Balemwo Assam [email protected] Washington DC

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article." © Balemwo Assam

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