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31.05.2012 Business & Finance

I Made No Profit- Circus Owner

By Daily Guide
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The Italian IL Florilegio Circus might have entertained the audience in Ghana but failed to make profit for the owner of the internationally-acclaimed show.

Mrix Togni, owner of Italian Circus, which made its first stop in Ghana said, 'We have not made any profit and we have not recorded any loss.

He noted that the aim at the end of the six-month stay in Ghana would be to break even.

'The first three weeks, we recorded low patronage, the place was empty,' said Mr Togni, who also owns three other circuses based in Algeria, Morocco and Lebanon apart from the performances in Europe.

'We have to give many free tickets about 30,000, we believe we have been able to wipe up the appetite of Ghana for such shows.'

Mr. Togni, who explained that the circus was expensive to organize, failed to disclose the total amount of money used to bring the 50-member crew including artistes and technicians from four continents of the world to Ghana. The crew includes Georgians, Iranians, Brazilians, Colombians, Italians, Venezuelans, French, Mexicans, Turkish and Albanians.

He however noted that it cost about $70,000 to fly the animals which include snakes, tigers, Kangaroos, crocodiles, alligator, dog and some other animals to entertain the audience.

The tent and other equipment were shipped to Ghana at a cost of $500,000 'not to talk of other expenses such as the cost of flying the people in.'

Usually, the crew travels with caravan which was used as accommodation but they had to be accommodated in hotels.

'It is very expensive to bring the show here,' said Mr Togni.

'We thank our sponsors who paid for all our expenses that is why we are able to give out free tickets.'

'We think when we come back we will recoup. I am sure we will get more people to come to the show and they will be willing to pay,' he said, promising that his company is making plans to come back to Ghana a year later with a different show. From Ghana, the show would move to Abidjan, Ivory Coast and then to Lagos, Nigeria before coming back to Ghana.

The Mohinani Group, which owns Polytank, LG-Somovission, is one of the sponsors of the circus in Ghana.

Pallav Rastogi , Marketing Manager of LG-Somovision Ghana Limited told CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE that the company decided to sponsor the circus to bring family entertainment to Ghana as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Catherine Solomon , a spectator, said 'finally something interesting for the kids in Ghana. I am proud of the organizers.'

Hamed Rouzebehani, an organizer with the Italian IL Florilegio Circus, said the six-month tour could be extended in the country.

The tour, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture, has ended in Accra.

It pitched camp at the cultural centre in Kumasi after which it would move to Takoradi.

In Accra, IL Florilegio dazzled the audience with graceful clowns, acrobats, jugglers and animals in its two-hour breathtaking, enchanting and spectacular show.

The shows comprise a magical fairy tale story, which encapsulated the most aesthetical and exceptional performances with an International appeal, ribbon trapeze, motocycles that moves in what is called the 'Globe of death.

IL Florilegio belongs to the Togni family in Italy and has been the National Circus of Italy since 1950.

The circus has promoted a heritage they inherited from the Togni dynasty from 1870 when the first circus was created till date.

By Emelia Ennin Abbey

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