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30 May 2012 | Press Statement



The Volta Youth League wishes to express its opinions on the statement of Kenwuud Nuworsu in the daily graphic of Tuesday 29th May 2012 on the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho.

The League is surprised at the myopic opinion of the NPP Regional Chairman on the setting up a university. His position on the matter smacks of academic ignorance of how a university begins and operates. His description of the facilities available as not "fit for a day nursery “is an insult to the intelligence of the good people of the Volta Region and all those who conceived the idea of this noble university. A university needs to be first planned on paper to provide the road mark for the implementation of the project and we ask what did they do when they were in power for 8 good years? Universities do not necessarily have to begin in large buildings; the human resource must first be organized and that has been done with Prof. Fred Binka as the Vice Chancellor and other key staffs have been appointed with the university council also put in place. What else does Kenwuud Nuworsu want? He should know that this is not a political game. It is a project which all the people irrespective of political persuasions need to join hands to move forward. He must be ashamed of himself. The Vice Chancellor was on the Volta Star Radio this morning and announced the courses that are going to be run. Callers to the programme rightly condemned the position of Kenwuud. We wishes to appeal to the people of the region to ignore any attempt to run down the university by any political party or their ill-informed cronies like Kenwuud Nuworsu who thinks he can make himself relevant in Ghana politics by chosen to attack government on this matter .

Del S. Nyamador
National Convener

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