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29.05.2012 Press Release

ARIA-International opens Ghana office

By Martin King
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In its current drive to reach out to the needy in more parts of the world, the Africa relief in Action-International (ARIA-International) has opened a Ghana Country office, to be known as ARIA-International Ghana, in Accra.

ARIA-International, an American non-governmental organization with headquarters in Houston, Texas, strives to promote positive economic and social changes worldwide by offering strategic interventions by way of providing educational services, medical facilities and skills-acquisition training for women, orphans, youths and unaccompanied minors.

The organization also campaigns for the abolition of the inhuman practice of female genital mutilation (FGM); provides community health services, including HIV/AIDS programmes; promotes peace and conflict resolution through guidance counseling, symposia, workshops, seminars etc; as well as engages in advocacy for the integration, rehabilitation and re-settlement of refugees and internally-displaced persons (IDPs), among other humanitarian work.

According to the head of mission of ARIA-International Ghana Mrs. Marian king, "our respect for the host societies and our commitment to the involvement of beneficiaries as true partners in development projects result in improved capacities, enhanced opportunities and vibrant, sustainable communities, cooperatives and enterprises".

Mrs. King said ARIA-International's activities in Ghana will embrace the disadvantaged segments of the local population, including the destitute and orphans. "Specifically, our programmes will be geared towards providing for the hungry and the needy, clothe the naked, assist the lame and direct the blind to a more reassuring and hopeful future. We shall also undertake the rehabilitation of victims of war and other social catastrophes," she stated.

Projects slated for implementation in the immediate future by ARIA-International Ghana (phone numbers: +233-248499778 Email: [email protected]) include a home for one hundred orphans; a children's development centre; a mobile medical assistance programme for the needy; and, legal aid facilities for abused children, including provision of safe-homes for child-abuse victims.

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