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25.05.2012 General News

Talent management: key to growing and developing employees

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Accra, May 25, GNA- Mr Akature Ania, Director of Human Resources at Accra Brewery Limited on Thursday noted that talent management in an organisation is key to growing, developing and sustaining employees for future output.

Mr Ania stressed that talent management plays an important role in shaping young professionals with the right attitude, skills and knowledge to progress in an organisation and continue to deliver services leading to productive growth.

He was speaking at a forum in Accra organised by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which engaged stakeholders in the industry to share knowledge on the topic: “'Talent Management Implementation Strategies and Challenges.”

He explained that talent management is the process of developing and integrating new employees, developing and retaining current employees and attracting highly skilled employees to work for a particular company.

He observed that every business organisation must put appropriate plans to build and maintain the talents of employees for future growth.

Mr Ania said talent management strategy rephrases the company's outlook to be able to deliver at the highest level.

He noted that without the people in an organisation, human resource development strategy cannot thrive because it is the people that make the business what it is and the responsibilities of managers to manage talents to attract people to give their best.

Mr Kofi Amissah, Lead Executive of SHRM said talent management provide mentoring opportunities since senior people are paired up with more junior colleagues to encourage continuous learning and ensuring that individuals learn something new on each project.

Mr Amissah added that talent management provided senior employees access to learning more about the business and help in the participation of strategy session and support employees in representing the company at conferences.

He advised human resource managers to have a performance improvement plan to check the activities of employees in an organisation to ensure high productivity and help the business to have the right talent for the future.


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