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22 June 2012 | Research Findings

New trouble in GRIDCo

Concern Citizen
New trouble in GRIDCo

There are some interesting things going on in GRIDCo. Below is a memo that was intercepted.

Points to note:

1. The lady in question completed her national service in GRIDCo and was supposed to leave at the end of the period.

2. The position she is been given is reserved for technicians(HND holder) not an engineer(degree holder) .

3. There are better qualified permanent staffs available to occupy that position but the CEO prefers to hand over the load forcasting which is most critical to the company in the hands of a national service person.

4. The reply from the Human resource director was very good but the last paragraph nullified every good reason he earlier stated why the lady should not be engaged.

5. There was an interview to engage fresh technicians but that has been ignored and the CEO and his cohorts are busy engaging mostly national service girls to handle very critical components.

6. If i tell you the causes of the recent load shedding and system collapse, you would be shocked.

My key question is that,what kind of knowledge has the said girl acquired so much within one year that people who have worked there for ten fiftenn years dont have? Is it not interesting that the CEO can write that "bringing someone from inside or from outside would not solve the problem" except the girl.Is she a rocket sciencetist?

7. GRIDCo is been run like a kitchen.There was an interesting scenario where another girl by name selasie, who did her national service in the Telecommunication section was also to be taken on contract. Again the CEO summoned the P.R.O and forced him to write a justification for the girl so that she can be given the contract. The P.R.O refused in the first instance by saying that the lady did not serve under him during her national service so he couldnt write but he was forced to write which he did. As i speak the lady has been given a one year contract with the PR department.Very incompetent,clueless young girls have choked the system just as a result of the fact that, the CEO has decided to side step every law and rules in the company thereby putting the delivery of reliable electricity at risk. Key and critical sections are now in the hands of national service girls turned contract staffs.

What is creating agitation most is the fact that there are very qualified,experienced and competent people in the system to occupy these positions but that would not be allowed to happen.It is a common knowledge that many mangers, directors are busy sleeping with these girls and therefore are doing everything possible to force them down the throat of all.

Don't be suprised when more of these system shut downs and black outs occur because there is so much anger and bitterness in the system currently.

There is a clear plan to sabotage the system because there is too much mulfeasance and recklessness.

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quot-img-1It is better not to create problems for yourself.But analise the ways f resolving problems.

By: Nicholas Essilfie quot-img-1