By Kofi Owusu, Focus FM

Motorists who ply the Fumesua - Tech junction road have had to be faced with seemingly perpetual delay due to constant breakdown of large tractors at the stretch of the road where the roundabouts are located. These large trucks more often than not break down just after making the turn on the roundabout.

The frequency with which this phenomenon happens has raised lots of questions about the effectiveness of these roundabouts. Motorists have been complaining incessantly due to the huge traffic build-up until the trucks are towed.

While some have heaped the blame on the constricted nature of the roundabouts, others are faulting the constructors of the road.

Another major challenge on this route is the number of minutes spent on this road during rush-hour in the morning. The single lane roundabout can only manage one vehicle at a time resulting in major delay as motorists spend about thirty minutes each morning on that road.

Speaking to the issue, the head of the road and transportation engineering program and a senior lecturer here at the department of civil engineering, Dr. Yaw Tuffour indicated that the problem is unanticipated. He said;

'In the beginning when the design was completed, traffic flow was a little bit lower than at present, and at that time it appeared the roundabout was suitable for the level of traffic, but there has been an increase in traffic and as a result during the morning peak hour, we have a lot of queue from the roundabout which leads to frustrations for most motorists.”

He indicated that ignorance on the part of truck drivers in refusing to use the truck-apron was the cause of the breakdown of a lot of trucks.

'Most of the truck drivers do not know that they have to use the truck- apron”, he said

He finally indicated that it was feasible for the constricted road to be expanded if space is created for the single lane roundabout to be converted to a multi-lane.

Kofi Owusu, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi.

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