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FEATURED STORY Tithe Paying Is Certainly A Sin...

16 May 2012 | NDC News


Alhassan M. Murtala –Tamale

The New York branch General Secretary of the NDC has called on his Excellence President Mills not to be distracted by the current internal strife in the party but give attention to delivery his better Ghana Agenda for the Nation.

In the words of Mr, Moses Kanduri, the recent actions by Madam Konadu was not issue base but trivial which according to him will not bring bread and butter to the citizenry but will rather win sympathy vote for President Mills in the next general elections.

In an exclusive interview with the TIDE newspaper in his base, Mr. Kanduri said it was defiantly clear that Ghanaians have seen a better Ghana in just a little over 3 years and that there was no doubt that the good people of Ghana will retain the NDC in the 2012 elections and beyond.

He indicated that, as part of his contribution to making sure the party win the general elections, he was going to lead the Party's Youth in the Diaspora to call for unity between Ex. President Rawlings and President Atta Mills not for the purpose of running a party but rather to give the party's youth a fair playing field to lead the party in the future..

“It is time to call to an end to this skirmish in other not to leave a bad precedence for us the younger member of the party who will tomorrow be in charge of the affairs of the party. It is no doubt that the NDC party is being driving by a dynamic youthful force and energy and I believe we the youth of the party deserve to be heard” Mr Kandura said.

Mr. Kanduri indicated that the NDC has visionary leaders and the hopes were that after regaining power from the NPP, those who took over power would continue to display the quality of mind and selflessness with which they tackled issues so that their descendants would be able to live comfortably. Unfortunately, the skirmish within the party will not see this dreams come through if an end is not put to this.

“My message to the Founder of the party Mr. Rawlings and also to President Mills as well as other leaders of the party is simply this, In recent times there is an implicit awareness of how much poor quality of leadership has adversely affected NDC's youth efforts to develop to its full potentials and give to the party, a quality of life that it deserve. The irony is that NDC was not initially devoid of effective leadership. What is particularly disturbing is that in spite of the terrible political and economic situations during the NPP regimes, the NDC had dynamic leadership (Founder, Ex President Rawlings and Current President Professor Mills) who sacrificed their time, skill, resources, energy and good will to lead us to victory in 2008”. He advanced.

Apart from Mr. Kanduri's leadership role in galvanizing the Ghanaian youth in 2005 that gave birth to the Ghana Youth Development Network, prior to travelling to New York for studies, He has also served the NDC as TEIN executive in Brong Ahafo where he founded NDC Catholic University Chapter.

He has also represented the City of New York in a number of international programs including the prestigious Salzburg Global Seminar of which Ghana has four other alumni, Dr. Kofi Annan, Hon. Hannah Tetteh, and Hon. Betty Mould Iddrisu. Mr. Kanduri actively worked for some key member of the US Democratic Party in Albany and currently serving as NDC Secretary for New York Branch.

When asked if he was interested in contesting a parliamentary seat for Bawku or Garu/Teampany anytime soon. Mr. Kanduri said, “When the time comes the will of God will be done.

He however call for unity at all levels in the NDC as a party and said ' it is almost impossible for one to say in a political party, there wouldn't be skirmishes at times. I therefore see the internal battles in the NDC as one of those natural struggles. The most effective of these battles that needs immediate seizure has been that of the Mills and Rawlings “groups”.

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