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07.05.2012 Feature Article

How to invest for profit, learn from flowering plants

How to invest for profit, learn from flowering plants
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Why there are so many varieties of flowers with spectacular beauty, colour, shape, size, and petal arrangement etc., produced by different plants in nature?

To compete in nature or as a consequence of endless competition for successful survival, different plants produce different types of flowers. Is it not true that plants do incur huge economic burden to produce large number of flowers with different colour and floral arrangements. Do plants justify such a lavish expenditure in any way for producing innumerable number of flowers?

One need to understand the above question strictly from the management perspective, only then the intriguing intelligence of plants and the real meaning of 'expense versus returns' economics of nature in general and flowering plants in particular can be understood.

No investment can only assure nil returns. No effort can breed only no result. The diversity and beauty of flowers produced by different plants are only to attract the pollinators in the most efficient way. Different plants produce different types of flowers so that they can keep attracting the pollinators.

In the competitive world, every plant species aspires to outnumber its 'clan' over other species. Effective pollination and swift seed dispersal alone ensure different plant species to conquer and establish their domain in the biome. For seed formation, pollination event is inevitable. For pollination event to occur, the plants must attract and catch the attention of the pollinators. It has to compete also at both inter and intra species level.

The plants heavily invest in flower formation. Formation of flowers in plants is a very costly affair as it involves series of biochemical reactions and nutrient utilization. But plants willingly accept such 'economic' burden. The only philosophy plants appear to follow is 'compete and succeed'. To succeed, one should not limit the resources from spending that is what the flowering plants convey.

Only due to the competition, i.e. to attract the pollinators, different plants have chosen different types of flower formation. To continue in the fray of never ending competition, the plants continue to produce diverse flowers with ecstatic beauty to constantly catch the attention of the pollinators and to attract them.

The corporate should draw a strong message that they should compete like flowering plants to attract the customers at all levels. Affront expenditure and investment are needed to survive in the market place. Result of competition should be beauty in diversity and not destruction and catastrophe.

Do not allow the limitation to limit your talents or achievement orientation but learn to outgrow all limitations. It is not just doing anything that matters, but what consequence it can create also one need to foresee.

Both the corporate and its employees as a whole must understand that only the affront investment alone help one to be successful. The investment need not be always money, it can even be effort, commitment etc.

Both the investment and its return should add value and beauty to the ecosystem where one lives only then it justify ones cause. This essential message, every corporate must learn and follow.

Ref: Management Book- Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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