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The Togo Police Drama

Daily Guide
3 May 2012 | General News
The Ghana Police pick-up van packed at Zukpe, Togo last Saturday
The Ghana Police pick-up van packed at Zukpe, Togo last Saturday

The persistent denial by the Ho Municipal Chief Executive, Isaac Kodobisah, of his involvement in the release of four policemen who were detained in Zukpe Police Post in Togo last Saturday has astounded many observers.

The MCE, despite many publications and reports in the media, has consistently denied ever entering Zukpe, Togo and having knowledge of the arrest of the four cops, let alone facilitating their release.

However, the MCE's alleged trip to Zukpe to negotiate the release of the 'arrested' policemen became the talk of the town in the Ho Municipality, especially the border communities, precisely Hordzokofe.

Even in Zukpe and Nyitoe in Togo 'a day-old baby will tell you about what transpired last Saturday. It is no secret', an elderly woman stressed.

Many who heard the MCE on Accra-based Joy FM and Ho-based Volta Star Radio and Volta Premier FM were shocked by his denial.

A JHS leaver at Hordzokofe told DAILY GUIDE, 'I am shocked that he could deny this; I was in Zukpe and I witnessed the incident with my eyes.'

When DAILY GUIDE re-visited Hordzokofe last Monday, a citizen who pleaded anonymity noted, 'We all saw the MCE when he sped past this town into Zukpe last Saturday. We followed and stood and watched on as he went in and out of the Zukpe Police post to secure the release of the policemen.'

A trip to Zukpe revealed the same facts. The inhabitants were shocked that the MCE, despite the many witnesses, denied ever entering their town last Saturday.

The Conspiracy
DAILY GUIDE investigations have revealed that there is some sort of conspiracy amongst the Municipal Chief Executive, Isaac Kodobisah, the Regional Police Commander, DCOP Alex Bedie, the Chief of Zukpe, Togbe Tei Deku who sent his elders to assist and facilitate the release of the cops and the police in Zukpe, which is under the control of Agu Police Command in Togo.


All these persons have maintained that the policemen were never detained and that the MCE was not in Togo last Saturday and did not intervene in the release of Ghanaian policemen.

When DAILY GUIDE interviewed the Zukpe Chief, he denied knowledge of the arrest and the MCE's visit to the Zukpe Police Post.

According to him, all he knew was that some Ghana policemen came to eat in his town and left peacefully without any problem. He denied sending either his elders to intervene or his involvement in the whole incident.

He also added that he had never met the MCE, except during the construction of the steel bridge that linked Hordzokofe with Zukpe.   

The Zukpe Police boss, who refused to mention his name, through an interpreter told DAILY GUIDE that the Ghanaian policemen, before crossing the Zukpe Police border, parked their vehicles and handed over their arms, entered into the town to eat and returned to Ghana peacefully.

When probed with more facts and evidence, he called his superior who apparently told him to direct the reporter to the Ghana Embassy in Togo or the Togo Embassy in Ghana.

'That day, the way the Ghanaian policemen entered our country was wrong that was why we detained and disarmed them. Your MCE was truly here,' a source in Togo said, pointing at the location where the MCE's car was parked.

Meanwhile, the Regional Police Commander, DCOP Alex Bedie, who has refused to talk publicly about the matter, also vehemently denied that the MCE was in Togo.

 From Fred Duodu, Zukpe, Togo

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