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2 May 2012 | Opinion/Feature



The economic development of every country depends on the effectiveness and the efficiency of the workers. The roles that the government of Ghana needs to put in place to ensure better conditions of services should be observed. Hard working citizens should be awarded. Ghana loses a lot of money due to lack of record keepings. Ghanaian workers should always learn to keep proper records. Corruption should not be our habits if we actually want to be good workers in our country. No worker could do his or her work well with corruptive minds. Lets always focus on good work and money shall come later.

Whether a public worker or private worker, you can't succeed in you work if you don't keep proper records, if you have corruptive mind or if you are lazy. As workers, we should always make good use of our time. Lateness, on and off habits and other ill behaviours towards work, should all be eliminated.

Youth need job. A sound youth is a busy youth. The Bible says –The devil gives work to an idle person. If the government fails to provide better opportunities for the youth in employment then we should not be surprised when the devil takes over this country to rule it the way it wants. Whether the youth are educated or not they must work and be a concern of the government. Get the youth busily working and you have gotten the secret of developing and making peace in your environment. The youth are highly efficient and should be the best for work. We can't build Ghana without mainly involving the majorities of the youth.

I want you leaders of Ghana to know that the youth energies are not to make violence but to promote peace and development. Remember that the youth you are encouraging to go and destruct peace of others today, the same youth will destruct your peace tomorrow. Why many youth robbers on our roads? If a government fails to spend much money to provide youth opportunities in employments, such a government, will spend more money for the security to struggle for peace.

The 2012 General Elections in Ghana is the right season we should show our whole world that Ghana is a peaceful nation. People are interested in writing what you are today more than what you were yesterday. The praises we have been getting as a democratic and peaceful nation will fail if we are not able to sustain that peace this year. So, it is everybody's responsibility to stand for that peace.

Note that when there is job for the people, there will be peace for the people and hence development.


quot-img-1You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find, what you need.

By: FRANCIS TAWIAH (Du quot-img-1