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30 April 2012 | Editorial

Crossing Swords With A Political Buffoon

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The deputy director of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) is clever to a fault. He has found in an incessant, albeit useless attack on the integrity of the DAILY GUIDE a ladder on which to climb to the hearts of his employers.

He has not surprised us about the ungentlemanly path he has chosen given the fact that in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), passing snide remarks and impugning the integrity of others, the party founder not excluded, is the most appropriate recourse for fortune seekers, a verity undeniably supported by empirical evidence.

For a new entrant to the NDC, a lesser 'greedy bastard,' Murtala's obsession is understandable especially since most of the fouled-mouthed brats have deemed it necessary to sheath their swords.

Murtala will soon find out that he has embarked on a parlous political project which has already begun earning him public opprobrium, as it did those before him. If only he could assess the public opinion about his stinky submissions, he would have advised himself accordingly.

With little left of the spoils of the electoral duel which brought President Mills to power, we are unable to fathom what is driving him to make so much fuss about cutlass-wielding NDC hoodlums in the streets of Swalaba, the Accra suburb he might be noting for the first time.

By the time Murtala discovers that it is unproductive to continue with his 'pull-down-the Daily Guide' project, he would have been interred by an avalanche of public dissatisfaction and above all, stung by a deliberate indifference from the godfathers whose attention he seems to be worming himself to.

With all humility, DAILY GUIDE is one of the leading publications in the country, whether political buffoons like Murtala concur or not. Better for him to put up or shut up.

Indeed, we in the DAILY GUIDE do not need the testimonial of a boot-licking Murtala to continue our upward growth, an unshakable phenomenon we owe to the Omnipotent God and the good people of Ghana whose consistency we can continue to count on.

Truth and the defence of democracy being our hallmarks, we shall not want, regardless of the tendentious ranting of the ilk of Murtala. Let him consider the ways others before him followed and crashed and change course in his own interest.

As a boring replacement for the Otukunors, Bisiws and others who are still nursing the wounds suffered through their smelly and uncouth remarks in the media, he appears to be relishing a fantasy that unlike the failed ones, he can make a mark. Wait and See was the name of a leading Division One horse at the Accra Race course in the 60s.

If his intention is to undo the image of the Daily Guide, he has embarked upon a difficult uphill task which he would abandon with a bloodied nose.

Having regarded his newfound occupation with contempt and therefore unworthy of response, we have reviewed our resolve and decided to respond to the stinking garbage, via this commentary which is usually reserved for very serious issues. Occasionally, however, we vary the rule and tackle imbecilic subjects such as Murtala.

The issue of NDC hoodlums threatening the peace of this country, as they did and well captured pictorially in one of our issues, is unlike diverting NYEP materials for the purpose of winning over the hearts of party delegates in a Northern Region constituency.

Others have tried it and failed and there is no way Murtala can be any different because the premises of his boring submissions are wobbly and unsound.

It takes people who know Accra very well to understand the skyline and indeed the prevailing nuances of the city. For the ilk of Murtala who tried hard to rubbish the picture of his party's hoodlums weeks after the issue has been settled, he cuts the picture of a nonentity we would have ignored but for the rampant boredom of going over and over again about a picture whose authenticity is not in doubt.

Deputy Information Minister Agyenim Boateng, a guru in the art of altering truths to lies and vice versa, tried to rubbish the picture but failed because of the strength of the verity of the impression.

The images were those of known personalities in Odododiodoo constituency, shot against important landmarks in Swalaba. Only morons would lie about pictures. How would we do a thing like that? Linda Tenyah and Gifty Lawson reporter and photographer respectively covered the incident using a BlackBerry mobile phone because it was too dangerous to use the professional camera in the latter's possession.

For his information, Nunoo, Adjetey and Alhaji Brother were some of the young men wielding the cutlasses.

Nii Lante Vanderpuye, the Zongo Lane boy, is the best person to challenge the authenticity of the picture and not Murtala who is yet to learn the ropes of Accra.

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By: yaw konadu quot-img-1