24.04.2012 Feature Article

Why I Support the White Petition Against Mills

Why I Support the White Petition Against Mills
24.04.2012 LISTEN

The White House petition against President Mills is in regards to Woyome and the $52 million Judgment debt. But aside from that I support it for another MAJOR reason: the boycott of Private Media -Multimedia.

President Mills has done many things but nothing cut close to my heart more than the assault on "Free Expression." In fact I took it very personal- the first time I have taken politics personal. It was the ultimate slap in the face of Democracy and our Constitution.

The boycott once again showed the "erratic" nature of the Mills administration and that is very dangerous for our country. What else are they capable of....before it is too late - don't forget Mills was disobeyed twice in the Woyome payment.

A president who could declare in his first term that he is not a "law enforcement officer" is capable of declaring that "he is not the president" in his second term- and thus not responsible for anything. A lame duck Mills 'd spell doom for Ghana.

I therefore sign the petition initiated by "Lady Smart of Philadelphia" a frequent caller on American based

President Mills is currently in the USA for a record "hundredth time." Kindly show your "displeasure" by signing the petition regardless of country of residence.

Below is the original text of the petition. Underneath is the link to the White House website or go to search: "We the people" and then "petition."

"We believe the Obama Administration should: . Use the MCA Account to pressure Ghana President to Prosecute Corrupt Officials. Early this year, a financier of the ruling party was arrested for allegedly duping the State of $52m through judgment debts. Due to the dragging of feet by State Attorneys, a judge even threatened to rule the case in favor of the defendant. In three years, government has paid out about $500m dollars in judgment debts; many of them fraudulent and allegedly to party sympathizers. The $500m is almost equal to $547m MCA Ghana won in 2006. A country that gives out $500m in judgment debts without due diligence do not deserve the sympathy of the world and particularly the MCA account. We therefore call on Obama to pressure the government so Ghanaians can get their monies back and put it to good use."!/petition/we-believe-obama-administration-should/HY0G5kfy?

Akwasi A.Afrifa Akoto.