GLO-Mobile fined $200,000 dollars for failing to launch.

By Emmanuel Agyei - Joy Business

The sixth Mobile Operator, Glo Mobile has been fined 200 thousand dollars by the National Communications Authority for failing to meet the April 20 deadline to launch its operations.

Communications Minister, Haruna Iddrisu says this is in line with the law which requires an operator to roll out its services in at least 6 regions in the country within the first three years of acquiring its license.

Mr. Iddrisu says the sanction has been imposed because GLO's explanations for the delay in their launch are untenable.

“There were some initial hitches which government itself through its actions contributed to. Those issues have since been resolved and Glo has no justification not launching unto the Ghanaian market” he said.

“The NCA wrote to them and they responded giving an assurance they would launch before 20th April. It doesn't seem to be the case. We think that they must take the Ghanaian subscribers serious and we need their services to expand access to telecom both in the data and voice regime, he added.

Mr. Iddrisu further dismissed assertions that the action could dampen investor confidence in the country.

“Investors must respect the laws of our country and they must respect conditions to which they agree to. There are penalties for failure to meet expansion requirements and we have been hesitant. But we ultimately must ensure that we deepen competition as we pledged” he concluded.

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