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18 April 2012 | General News

MCI celebrates 1st Graduation

Ghanaian Chronicle

By: Bernice Bessey
The Rohi Christian  Leadership Institute of the Word Miracle Church International (WMCI), Madina, is holding its first graduation ceremony in honour of building strong Christian values in the country.

According to the Chancellor, Bishop Chris Parsam, with the world population exploding and the supply of well-trained pastors dwindling in sight of the unmet demand, Rohi has positioned itself strategically to train more leaders in a shorter time.

He said the church lacked the power to transform lives, which is the main purpose of making disciples and affecting generations.

He, therefore, questioned whether Christians were really impacting and making a difference their societies and the country as a whole, saying, 'As we reach around the world, our goal is not only bringing people to a point, but to transform them through the power of god. We must then train them to be disciples who can pass their found faith to their community.'

The Bishop also took the opportunity to advise Ghanaians to put aside activities that will disturb the peace the country is enjoying.

He added that as the nation is preparing for national elections, 'we must learn forgiveness and should strive to be law-abiding citizens.'

Pastor Chris Ankomah also charged the grandaunts to build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, from which they can adopt a godly character.

He explained that bad news about Christians, especially pastors, spread faster than good news that have a positive impact on society, adding 'if you are going to last in the ministry of Christ, you need character.'

'As ministers of God, you should develop a relationship that would have an effect on yourselves before the congregation,' he advise

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