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16.04.2012 General News

Ave youth celebrate Sorheza Paramount Chief charges them to observe peace during elections

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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By Phyllis D. Osabutey
The Paramount Chief of the Ave Dakpa traditional area, Togbui Nyamekor Glakpe V, has urged all citizens of Ave to uphold peace and unity in their communities, and in their interactions with others, before, during, and after Elections 2012.

He said 'the need for peace among all Ave citizens is very paramount, because this is an election year, and we should not do anything to disturb the peace that we are enjoying, because Ghana is the only country we can call ours.'

Also, he urged all qualified voters who had not yet registered in the ongoing nationwide biometric registration exercise to do so, to be able to exercise their franchise in the 2012 elections to elect leaders of their choice.

The Chief, who is also the President of the Ave Council of Chiefs, was speaking at the Ave Youth Festival (Ave Sorheza) on the theme, 'Sustaining Peace and Development' last Easter Sunday at Ave Dakpa.

He further told the youth that although they each had a right to join any political party of their choice, they should not turn the youth movement into any political party's youth wing, but work together as patriotic citizens to ensure peace at all times.

To him, having all the various youth groups in Ave under one umbrella was in the right direction, as it formed the basis for peace and unity, and ensured the promotion of development for the people and their communities.

Also, he pointed out that the development of any community was a combined responsibility of both the elderly and youth, and so 'the chiefs and elders will give you maximum support, so that together, we will develop Ave.'

He said the elders of Ave had to guide the youth in their life desires to become responsible future leaders, thus, it behoves on the chiefs and elders to impart their knowledge and experiences to the youth.

This, he indicated, would enable the youth 'to take over from us when we are no more, so that they can continue with our good works of nation building,' adding, 'fortunately, we have the youth who are prepared to support us in the development of Ave.'

The Founder of Efo Yeyetor Foundaion (EYF), Mr. Tony Quist, in a welcome address, said the Ave Sorheza was conceived to showcase the rich culture of the Ave communities, and to attract the indigenes residing in other communities and the Diaspora to return home for the festivities.

'The motive then, is to propagate the concept of Ave integration, the spirit of communal harmony, brotherliness, and commitment to exposure of developmental issues that would arouse the interest of the youth,' he noted.

According to him, the main objectives of the festival include the need to promote and encourage sustainable development in Ave and its environs, and establish a youth forum for the exchange of information, experiences, resource and mentorship.

He expressed hope that the festival would promote the harmonisation of youth development initiatives in furtherance of justice, equity, human rights, good governance and reconciliation in the community and beyond, and as well, promote lobbying and advocacy for the members of the community.

He further stated that 'the mainstay of the festival focuses on cultural aspects and a number of other programmes covering a wide variety of activities, which will not only reflect the spirit of friendship, but also of peace and development.'

He added that the festival would also provide nationwide exposure to the youth for the expression and fulfillment of their cultural talents and aspirations, stressing, 'if we the youth work together, our newly-created district will be one of the fastest growing districts in the history of Ghana.'

Also, he used the opportunity to urge all Ave youth to visit home regularly, whilst calling on the youth to register in the ongoing biometric registration, 'so that we can vote, because that is the only way we can exercise our power.'

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