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14.04.2012 Business & Finance

Parliamentarians To Benefit From Insurance Cover

By Daily Graphic
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Vanguard Assurance, a leading insurance company in the country has come up wih an innovative policy that is aimed at protecting both incumbent members of parliament and aspiring parliamentarians as they embark on their duties and campaigns for Election 2012 and beyond.

Known as the Vanguard Honourable Personal Protection Policy (VHPPP), the insurance package was instituted in recognition of the immense role that parliamentarians are playing in the development of the nation and the important status they hold in relation to their constituents.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vanguard Assurance, Mr Gideon Amenyedor, who spoke to the Daily Graphic in an interview at the company’s headquarters in Accra, said the policy would recompense members of parliament who suffered injuries through accidents in the course of their duties or campaigns and had therefore become incapacitated as a result.

In addition, he said,members of parliament who were physically attacked or stoned and sustained injuries thereof or lost their lives in the course of duty or were burgled because of overzealous political rivalry also stood to benefit from the policy.

“Members of Parliament had become the voice of the voiceless in society and among other responsibilities carried the onerous task of funding development projects in their areas of jurisdiction. That being the case, it would be a great tragedy should any misfortune befall them, especially in this season as the nation prepares for crucial elections in December this year,” he said.

Mr Amenyedor expressed the hope that Members of Parliament would take advantage of this worthwhile policy to ensure protection for themselves as they continued to serve the nation.

In another development, Vanguard Assurance is offering additional benefit to motorists who patronise the comprehensive insurance policy.

The added benefit comes in the provision of a ‘courtesy’ car to be used by the holder for the time that his or her damaged car is off the road.

“Sometime car owners suffer the discomfort and difficulty of transporting their children to school or to visit the market for instance when their car is damaged. And so this package is a means to offer some assistance in such times of difficulty,” he said.

According to him, the benefit which is optional, comes in the form of a modest amount that will be embedded in the comprehensive insurance fee that is to be paid.

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