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08.04.2012 General News

Death and resurrection of Jesus not a myth - Pastor Otabil

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The death and resurrection of Jesus is not a myth, a metaphor, an analogy or allegory but was confirmed by the soldiers who pierced his side, says the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church.

Pastor Mensah Otabil noted that Mary Magdalene confirmed the burial of Christ whilst Thomas who sought physical evidence had the prove.

“Jesus did not collapse, fall into a coma or a trance,” he said on Easter Sunday preaching on the theme: “Christ is Risen Indeed,” in Accra.

According to Pastor Otabil Jesus conception by the Holy Spirit symbolises his divinity; being born of a virgin qualified him to be a mediator, His sinless life, his suffering and death on the cross paid for the total redemption of Christians.

He said the fact that he lives forever gives mankind strength and his coming again to judge the world in anticipation of eternal life were clear testimonies of his death and resurrection.

Pastor Otabil said Christ's suffering, death and resurrection was very necessary for the peace and healing of mankind.

Through the resurrection of Christ conquered the devil and principalities and disarmed them totally by taking away their weapons and power and that reason Christians stood in victory, he said.

“The only weapon of the devil is deception. If Christ says that it was necessary for him to die and purchase our peace and eternal lives, who are we to complain and live in fear.”

Pastor Otabil however noted that repentance and remission of sins was a two throng approach and that man has a responsibility to repent from sin which calls for a radical change of mind.

He explained that one cannot repent and still be proud of sin or glorify things that he has repented of and gave the example of having repented from fornication or adultery and still glorifying it.

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