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07.04.2012 Feature Article

Corporate should know why the bird Kiwi and Tasmanian devil are not there in African forest?

Corporate should know why the bird Kiwi and Tasmanian devil are not there in African forest?
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The HR department and the HR personals should ask the question of why Platypus, Kangaroo, Opossum, Kiwi and Tasmanian devil do not live in Botswana or Serengeti or Kalahari or Kruger or Tanzanian forests in Africa. The corporate HR may think why they should ask this question as it is the job of scientists and evolutionary biologists to find answer to such questions.

But the answer of the above question is not just biology or ecology or evolution centric but indeed it has a great management message also to convey.

The animals such as Platypus, Kangaroo, opossum, Kiwi and Tasmanian devil are classified as 'primitive' mammals by the biologists. All these animals are mammals; feed the young ones with the milk produced in the mammary glands. Man is also a mammal by the biological definition. All the above listed animals are believed to have formed much before all other animals have evolved. Because of their primitive evolution only, they lay eggs or deliver very week young ones and later nurse them in the marsupial pouch as in the case of Kangaroos.

Interestingly, all the primitive animals are not scattered throughout but their distribution is highly restricted to one continent – Australia. Whereas, in rest of the world, highly evolved group of animals have got freely distributed. Why nature has divided primitive and evolved animals by different continents?

Co-existence of primitive and evolved is not easy and is not possible. Nature want to support both primitive and evolved. Nature wants every animal to find their way to survive successfully and for the above, nature has offered all its support without any discrimination.

While producing newer version of species or in the process of evolution from primitive to advanced, nature has never done the mistake of expecting a Kangaroo to become a buffalo or a domestic cat to become a tiger. The process of advancement or evolution, the nature has done not by neglecting or discarding the primitive but by creating the evolved separately.

Another important truth is that both the primitive and evolved species of animals have a definite role and niche in nature. In order to avoid conflicts and combats, nature has separated them by creating different habitats and habitat specificity.

What the modern HR must understand from the nature is that create separate systems for different people to perform. Do it in a non comparative manner. Corporate need both primitive and advanced people. Like how advanced people may not do primitive jobs, accept the truth that the primitive people are not fit for advanced job. If the corporate start removing primitive people and recruiting only advanced people, a day may come where the corporate will have to ask the advanced people to do the primitive jobs. If the corporate and the HR do not learn the message, they would only create chaos and confusion and not prosperity and growth.

Reference : Management Book – Jungle Wisdom for Corporate Management by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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