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01.04.2012 PPP News


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The Youth wing of the Progressive People's Party wishes to congratulate the Administration of the Kumasi Polytechnic for partnering with a Chinese company SONTECH, with the aim of manufacturing electronic devices such as Computers, air conditioners, mobile phones and television sets in commercial quantities in the country. This is a significant accomplishment that undoubtedly required the dedication and cooperation of the whole Polytechnic team.

Technology has been the backbone of any developed economy, and no country can develop without technology. This country has all the natural resources to make us develop. But what we lack as a nation is the right Technology to make our natural resources useful to us. Our natural resources are useless until we seek the wisdom in Technology because no country has merely developed due to the abundance of its natural resources. This country really needs technology to develop that is why the Progressive People's Party is commending the Kumasi Polytechnic team led by Professor Nsowah Nuamah for taking such a progressive initiative at this crucial moment where our economy is suffering from the adverse effects of importation. The benefits of this partnership will be tremendous when implemented effectively.

The progressive People's Party, which is committed to improving and reforming Education, Science and Technology in the country when elected into power for proper accelerated economic and social development. The progressive people's government will support progressive initiatives like this, because the initiative is directly in line with one of our main aim of using state purchasing power to create Jobs for people.

We want to improve Ghana's business climate to enable investment in job creation so that our people will stay at home to help develop the country and its economy. We will be relentless in providing support to Ghanaian industry and our farmers and fishermen using low interest loans, technical assistance, tax incentives and priority access to the Ghanaian market. To accelerate job creation nationally, an inter-region highway will be built with the same high quality throughout the country to open up the country for investment and development.

Congratulations K-Poly and AWAKE GHANA.

Divine Nkrumah
National Youth Cordinator

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