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19.03.2012 NDC News

Castle Leaked My Letter. Says NDC Chairman

By Daily Guide
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The Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Kwabena Adjei has revealed that a letter he wrote inviting President Mills and other instrumental bigwigs in the party to a meeting was leaked from the Castle.

According to him, the leak originated from the Castle as the President was out of the country at the time he wrote the said letter.

He expressed regret at the leak, saying he did not want the content to become public knowledge.

Dr. Kwabena Adjei made this revelation when he appeared on the Personality Profile Friday edition of Multi TV's current affairs pm: EXPRESS on the Joy News TV channel.

Describing himself as a middle liner, Dr. Adjei told the station that though he was aware of the internal wrangling within the NDC, any party without conflictual relationships is as good as dead.'

He expressed worry about cliques or groupings within the party who seem to propagate disunity, adding that the formation of FONKAR is not a threat to the party because it was situational, having passed on after the congress.

He noted that a chairman's main concern is to nurture democracy and must be seen as a unifying force and though things are bad now, it is the legacy he would bequeath the party that matters.

The 69-year-old psychologist reiterated that his middle liner role had kept him from reacting to issues and situations of insults in the party.

Dr Adjei, in the infamous leaked letter dated 10 th January 2012 to President Mills, complained about a suspected cabal in the party that had hijacked the NDC and by extension the presidency.

'Most party members do not think and feel that they have so far had that political space for which they dedicated their times, energies and resources during the 2008 electioneering campaign. Indeed, my impression is that most of our party members do not even feel that they belong to a party they aggressively defend. As a person who, without resources, contributed greatly to our electoral victory all I have deserved are abuse, character assassination, blocking of my efforts and physical threats to my person.

'In all honesty, I cannot personally hide the fact that I have reached the limit of my patience and tolerance. Indeed, I can no longer put up with the on-going and well known divisive machinations and schemes that threaten to wreck the party's very survival and my person as the popularly elected Chairman.

'Mr. President, I do hope that you understand, as much as I do, the seriousness of the threat to our great Party if I am forced to go public to cleanse my assassinated character hatched within the party, and more importantly take the needed steps to straighten up the party itself,' the NDC chairman said.


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