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15.03.2012 Editorial

EDITORIAL: Love Ghana, Soar Above Challenges

By Daily Graphic
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012, Ghanaians celebrated 55 years since our beloved country gained independence from British colonial rule.

The independence means a lot to all Ghanaians because it has given citizens the opportunity to play different roles in developing the country.

Majority of Ghanaians alive today did not play any role in fighting for independence so they take advantage of the anniversary celebration each year to pay tribute to our forefathers and all those who laid down their lives to achieve independence for our dear nation.

It is important for each child today to understand that many citizens of our country fought and died so that Ghanaians today can enjoy freedom and develop their potential without being discriminated against.

What our forefathers exhibited is what is described as patriotism. Instead of thinking about themselves they put Ghana first, even at their own peril.

As we all celebrate another anniversary, have you, as children, thought of the various roles you can play to assist in the development of this country?

This is the time for every child to do his or her best at school, in sports or any other area for which he or she possesses the talent so as to make Ghana shine throughout the world—that would be your patriotic actions as children.

The adults are doing whatever they can now and you, as children, would be able to lift the flag of Ghana even higher in later years if you make the utmost use of the investment the nation and your parents are making for your future.

Therefore as those of you who are selected to march in your various regions do so each year, and all other children strive to excel in the fields they love best, you are building the foundations to serve this country in bigger ways than you can imagine.

The Junior Graphic would want to remind every child that Ghana is looking up to each one of you to rise above any challenges or difficulties encountered now and continue to soar above them all in order to achieve greatness for yourselves and the nation.

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