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14 March 2012 | Feature Article

Change your mood, you can change your boss

Right temperament is inevitable for success. What is the definition of right temperament and, why 'temperament' is so important for success? The disposition of one's behaviour at different situations is only called 'temperament'.

Success is largely depending not on the strength or knowledge but how they are displayed and or used. Look at the hunting approach of a lion or tiger or panther and compare with the hunting style of jackal or wild dog or Hyena. The lion or tiger or panther are definitely stronger than its prey that they chose to hunt. Unless these animals feel and get convinced about their strength over the prey first, they will not make any attempt to hunt them.

Lion or tiger or panther when get convinced of their strength, like to hide their strength, elicit a temperament which is gentle, silent and calm than being very egoistic about its strength. Even for a second, if they become arrogant about their strength or power or capability, the prey animals would recognize them easily and would run away.

Knowing the strength but not showing the strength alone ensure success is the philosophy all predatory animals follow in nature. The predator follows the above philosophy only till it goes near the prey. Once the prey is near, it throws its entire strength and kills them.

If these predatory animals see a herd of wild buffaloes, never try to be calm and gentle in their approach. The entire pride would try to cause 'panic' among buffaloes to isolate one animal. They use this 'temperament' because they know the fact that a herd of buffaloes are any day stronger than pride. Hence they try to cause fear in the prey animals.

This is the approach the wild dogs and other smaller predators do. The temperament of animals during confidence is 'calm', 'gentle' and 'silent'. Whereas, the temperament of animals when they lack confidence will be 'panic' and 'fear' infusing type. Animals know more about the temperament and also how to shift them at different situations.

Corporate employees must introspect and understand how they display their temperament. In boss-subordinate relationship, if the subordinate displays a very gentle and calm temperament, the boss becomes arrogant as he would prefer to use such gentle people to prove his strength. If the subordinate display an angry temperament, the boss becomes timid and more cautious. One exhibits the temperament opposite of the other only to save their life than get swallowed in corporate.

In the animal world, animals learn to display a calm and gentle temperament when they believe they are really strong. Whereas the corporate man displays a strong temperament only because of the fear of his weakness otherwise\, he never fall prey to such foolish act.

In the animal world, when lion display a very cool and silent temperament only then it can smartly catch the prey. Similarly, the corporate man has to falsify his temperament only then others around him would think about him to be different from what really he is.

The question of right lies not in its 'lexical' or 'philosophical' or 'dictionary' definition or meaning, but should be defined as how it would help one in getting the expected result. This is the law most employees in a corporate follow. Admix right temperament in your 'right' approach only then you can grow as a total leader.

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By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1