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13.03.2012 General News

Danger looms at Kejetia

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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Tension is once again brewing at the Kejetia terminal, the main bus terminal in Kumasi, after reports emerged that the city authorities had given the only remaining open space around the terminal to a private developer for the construction of stores.

Transport operators on the terminal are said to be bracing themselves for a showdown with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) in protest against the decision to allocate that area for the construction of stores.

The potential developer, whose identity is yet to unravelled, has already cordoned off the area with planks of wood and roofing sheets, and is said to be preparing to move into action and commence construction soon.

The said area is a narrow lane which sits on top of the Kejetia terminal, and is the only open space around the terminal.

The situation, according to information available to The Chronicle, has been met with strong disapproval by traders at the terminal, while the transport operators are also bracing up for a face-off with authorities of the city and that private developer, and have therefore, sworn to prevent the area from being turned into stores.

The Spokesperson for the Federation of Transport Unions at the Kejetia terminal, Alhaji Iddrisu Lawal, told the paper in an interview that they would be petitioning the Office of the President and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to draw their attention to the unfolding developments at the lorry terminal.

He said there was no way such an abnormality must be allowed to go on, because it would be a recipe for chaos in the transport terminal.

Alhaji Lawal lamented that the terminal was already surrounded by shops dealing in harmful agro chemicals that have adverse effects on people who trade around the area, and that any further construction at the only open space would spell doom for people trading in the terminal.

He threatened that if efforts to get authorities to rescind the decision fall through, they would embark on a demonstration to publicise their disapproval.

Meanwhile, authorities at the KMA were tightlipped on the issue when contacted for their reaction.

The Spokesperson for the Mayor, Clement Kegeri, told the paper he was yet to make enquiries about the construction, and that he can only comment on it after he had received enough information.

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