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12.03.2012 Editorial

Nana's Season Is Here

By Daily Guide
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Although the propagandists of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are not expected to shower plaudits on Nana Akuffo Addo regarding his recent international presentations, their diversion from the cacophonous cocaine path to analyzing the contents of his captivating deliveries is elating.

If there is any proof that this is Nana Akufo Addo's season, this emerging alteration in the NDC template is ample evidence.

Nana's appearance on BBC's 'Hard Talk' smoked out  the NDC talkers from their burrows as they ran over each other to analyse not only the contents of his performance, but even the fine details of his demeanour- that is fine and a major paradigm shift towards engagement.

They have interestingly been compelled by the realities of the gentleman's relevance to contemporary affairs to take serious interest in whatever the New Patriotic Party (NPP) 2012 flag-bearer presents.

In opposition to their previous standard when they were consumed by such a burning hatred for the man that they missed out on the importance of at least making relevant critique of his discourses, they now appear to see a better alternative in an engagement.

Although not bereft of invectives, their ingrained stock-in-trade, they scrutinized for instance the feasibility of the NPP flag-bearer's promise of free SHS education which was one of the issues his host grilled him on.

He came out unscathed and persistently refused to put a price tag on the project when pressed to do so. He avoided what could have been a tactical blunder, preferring to tell his host that he would rather Ghanaians are informed about such a detail before a radio listenership.

The occasional insults, even as the propagandists struggle to look and sound civil in their responses and discourses on matters pertaining to Nana Akufo Addo, could be pardoned because after all, expecting the leopard to drop its spots is a tall order.

The growing relevance of Nana's discourses in a country bedeviled by a worrying discontent about the performance of a Mills government has catapulted the flag-bearer's stature to an all-time high.

That this is his season is an incontestable fact, easily verifiable as he soars in the stratosphere. His presentation recently at the Oppenheimer Lecture Series in London, was an engagement with a varied and expanded audience, an opportunity to expatiate his programmes which can easily be summed up in the following: education, education, education and value addition to our resources- subjects he has already discussed with the rest of the country.

In all these international engagements, Nana has tackled the broad subjects covering the challenges and remedies, by avoiding their over-simplification through joke-like references to providing free school uniforms and schools under trees to sophisticated audiences.

It is good that his presentations are attracting so much attention in the ruling NDC even though this is largely about how to find loopholes.

The NDC would willy-nilly cope with the growing reality about Nana Akufo Addo's stature by engaging with him and discoursing what he said and did not.

The man's time has come and the propagandists would do well to live with it through constructive engagements.

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