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09.03.2012 Politics

Re-introduce Workers' Brigade-J. B. Mensah

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Elubo (W/R) March 9, GNA-The immediate past Jomoro Constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr John Boleba Mensah, has appealed to the government to re-introduce the Worker Brigade to help solve the unemployment situation in the country and increase food production.

Mr Mensah who was also a member of the Dr Kwame Nkrumah Security Guards, made the appeal in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Elubo in Thursday.

Mr Mensah said after Independence, one of the greatest problems Dr Kwame Nkrumah's government faced was unemployment and therefore introduced the Workers Brigade.

He said the concept was not partisan and the present generation of opposition who disagreed with Dr Nkrumah will attest to it.

According to him the Workers Brigade solved the food crisis at the time and also offered Ghanaians job opportunity.

Mr Mensah said the 1965 edition of the Ghana Economic Survey bears witness.

According to him the re-introduction of Brigade will solve the current unemployment problems facing the country.

He said President Mills had been blessed by the Almighty God, adding that the celebration of Dr Nkrumah's centenary fell on him, secondly the unveiling of the statue of Dr Nkrumah at forecourt of African Union (AU) headquarters at Addis Abba in Ethiopia also came during his regime.

According to him, the “Centenary Anniversary was gone and may not be remembered again, while the Addis Ababa Statue of Dr Nkrumah was so far away that, it may mean very little to Ghanaians.”

The re-introduction of Workers Brigade, however, would be a perpetual memorial of Dr Nkrumah, he said, adding that President Nkrumah was not happy that after his overthrown the Workers Brigade was abrogated.

Mr Mensah said the re-introduction of the Brigade would not be difficult since most of its structure and lands were available in most parts of the country.

He appealed to President Mills not to compare the Workers Brigade to the Youth in Agriculture programme.


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