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9 March 2012 | Diaspora (Germany)

Ghanaians in Germany Celebrate 55th Ghana Independence

Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)

Ghana has marked her 55th Independence Anniversary with colourful parades across the nation on Tuesday, 6th of March 2012.As such, all Ghana's Embassies, Consulates and high Commissions over the world were declared statutory public holiday to observe this special historic occasion.

In Berlin, H.E. Paul King Aryene, Ghana Ambassador to Germany, in conjunction with his Embassy staff however, held a special Banquet / Reception to climax the anniversary.

The event was held at the German Bank auditorium”Antrium”Unter den Linden in Berlin, capital city of Germany.

The Ambassador, H.E. Paul King Aryene, in a bright colourful native “Kente” cloth matched with light yellowish top “Jumper” stood attentive but cheerfully to welcome invited audience to the event. Also in attendance included cross-section of Ghanaian Community Leaders; Members of the Diplomatic corps, the Clergy; Delegates from the various German Ministries and the Parliament, as well as the Ghanaian local chiefs “Nananom”.

Activities began with Ghana's National Anthem, charged with applause from the audience to usher in Ambassador Aryene to deliver his welcoming address.

In his (Ambassador) speech H.E. Aryene thanked all the distinguished invited Guests for their presence. He therefore used the occasion to acknowledge and cherish the tremendous duty and achievements by the constitution Review Commission as they came to Hamburg and Düsseldorf respectively. He therefore offered Special “AYEEKO” to those Ghanaians who gave audience, support and co-operation to the commission's sitting whilst in Germany.

His Excellency further stated that, although Ghana 55th years after Independence has been characterised by a lot of challenges but consoled “In spite of the challenges, we have kept faith, managed to stay the course and made significant political and socio-economic gains”.

Giving highlights on the economy, He reiterated that, “Ghana has made significant progress. In addition to attaining a middle income status, Ghana recorded the highest ever growth rate in the history of the nation in 2011 with a provisional growth rate of over 13%. The country also recorded the most sustained single digit rates of inflation in decades; the rate of 8.55% for 2011 was the lowest since 1970”

Commenting on the Nation's Budget, The Ambassador declared “Our budget deficit as at September 2011 stood at 2% of GDP, with Gross International reserves of US$4.98 billion, exceeding 3 months import cover for goods and services as at October, 2011”.

Such fast springing socio-economic balances of Ghana could be attributed to recent crude oil and Gas discovery and therefore asserted that, these achievements could not have existed without the onerous efforts and visions of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah., Ghana first President and key architect of the Country's independence.

He however, urged all Ghanaians to be focussed and demonstrate their political maturity by ensuring that “we have free, fair and transparent elections whose results would be acceptable to and accepted by all. This is a responsibility which must be shared by all Ghanaians!”

After the speech, there flushed in German National Anthem to welcome Mr.Peter Fahrenholtz, a prominent German Political figure and Director of West and Central Africa (Foreign Affairs) to deliver a speech on the behalf of the German Government.

In his address, he was impressed and enthusiastic about the high turn up and further expressed excellent political and economical relationship between Germany and Ghana.

He however promised that, such mutual co-operation would be strengthened and that supports and aid to Ghana would be increased. Peter Fahrenholtz commended Ghana's prevailing political stability, peaceful atmosphere and tranquillity as a role model of Africa in virtue of democratic dispensation.

The event came to an end with, a patriotic song “Yen ara Yen Asase Ni”.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)

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