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Africans natural empathy for eunuchs may have spilled into their difficulty in accepting gays because of the world history of treating eunuchs, in most cases, less than humans. The commonality between eunuchs and gays is being born or forced into indifferent relationship towards women. Indeed, most naturally born eunuchs have functional genitals that are useless to women while castration of boys or men may or may not have the desired result.

Naturally born eunuchs exist in every society throughout the world communities in the ancient cultures. It is sheer hypocrisy to deny their existence as gays of today. There is no doubt that there are men exploiting the gay phenomenon in order to escape male and female responsibilities to one another; or those that are tired of one relationship exploring another to satisfy their sexual adventure.

It is the later that Africans are opposed to in view of the fact that Africans have and respect extended families apart from being our brothers' keeper. The notion of nuclear family is un-African in the first place and to reduce it by homosexual relationships cut into that notion that - it takes a village to raise a child. The dwindling economic disaster Africans find themselves today has torn the very fabric of African way of life.

The last straw may be some social engineering imported into Africa that will exacerbate the dislocation of the very fabric that binds us together. The one man one wife effect where there are more women than men or more men than women has left some men or some women seeking the company of the same sex. Those that cannot accept African polygamous life must not force their monogamous or different gay culture on us.

Actually naturally born eunuchs or gays exist in Africa and they live normal way of life like the heterosexual brothers and sisters. That is, they marry and raise families as their wives have children, even when their male genitals are not functional. It is not the business of the world as family secret is kept within. Women that cannot bear children or prefer relationship with other women become mothers in Africa.

Africans understand eunuchs as gays that have existed amongst them as in other cultures since ancient times, they just accept them differently. If they have found some new cultural voice in America, they have a different voice in Africa. The choices of Catholic reverends that take wows of celibacy to serve in the Church with full functional genitals did not diminish their love for girls and boys, yet the Church is more anti-gay than Africans that have full understanding and have been bunt by such hypocrisy.

Eunuchs and gays are part of every community including Africa. The way they are practiced and condoled are different in many parts of the world. The worst form is the importation of black and white slaves to take care of harem after they have been castrated. Natural attraction to male or female can never be man-made. Without or with genitals, man can be attracted to females. So why fool ourselves by castration?

Basically radical surgery of the prostrate is a glorified castration but it does not reduce men attraction for women. Prostate cancers are diagnosed every year mostly in men living longer than 50 years. About 80,000 will be castrated. In 2007, 223,307 men in USA were diagnosed with prostate cancer and 29,093 men died. Prostatectomy is surgery to remove the prostate completely. Radical prostatectomy removes the prostate as well as the surrounding tissue. With incidence rate about 220 per 1000,000 in black men, 150 in white men, 130 in Hispanic and 90 in Asian; Africans have to make the best use of their genitals to procreate. Use it or lose it.

Coptic priest genitals mutilation of boys as young as eight years old captured as slaves from Sudan after chaining them to tables and submerged neck deep in hot burning sand in order to turn them into eunuchs or gays at Abou Gerbe monastery on Mt. Ghebel Eter, is more than a turn-off for informed Africans. In the Egyptian, Persian, Assyrian and Ottoman empires eunuchs were institutionalized as in Greek and Roman empires. Black and White Eunuchs slaves served in the Harem, Palace School, Army and as spies.

So when people talk about genital mutilation in Africa, they should show some candor about the history of its use outside Africa on African men and women out of their own whims, pleasure, war, interest and profit. The history of eunuchs, essential gays in the whole wide world is not about the aversion of Africans to human rights but about the injustices perpetrated on the rights of humans that happen to be born eunuchs or gay or castrated into one for special purpose.

In China both rapists and slaves were castrated by removal of penis and testicles and turned over to Terracotta Army to perform forced labor during Qin dynasty. The families of rapist were also enslaved and properties were confiscated. The hijra eunuchs of India, the so called third sex transgender “triteeyaprakrti”, may be natural or by operation to loose testosterone for the role of post-pubertal boys. They lost their ancient status of honor in divine power. They now dance and sing for money at ceremonies for a living.

In the days women were not allowed to sing in churches, castrati, boys castrated before puberty in other cultures were trained for their exceptional voices (close to women's). The last famous Italian castrato, Giovani Velluti died in 1861. The last eunuch in the Sistine Chapel choir, Alessandro Moreschi died in 1922.

We may all be well served by the teaching of Christ in Matthew 19:12

"For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let anyone accept this who can."

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