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FEATURED STORY Tithe Paying Is Certainly A Sin...

7 March 2012 | Feature Article



Sometimes you have to be in the game to understand the reality of events. Before the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had the misfortune of governing the country, they made a whole lot of falsehoods about the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its adherents.

They succeeded via vile and wild propaganda to deceive the people of Ghana that, the NPP was responsible for all the hardships in the country. Even any time a pregnant woman had a miscarriage it was falsely through propaganda attributed to the NPP!

Ghanaians trusted the NDC and kept the destiny of mother Ghana into their fragile hands. Time was to expose these chronic liars. Who became a billion times guilty of what they accused the NPP of doing.

Let me play back the tape for five minutes. They said it was a bad idea for the NPP to want to buy jets for the State at a time they claimed, Ghanaians were suffering. What they did on taking over government was to buy not only one but four jets for unknown reasons!

They lied that, Ghana was now a cocaine destination under the NPP. But when they had the misfortune to rule this country real cocaine turned into sodium bicarbonate whilst in the custody of the state security agencies.

They said the NPP administration was reddened with corruption but under their watch they paid unprecedented amount of money to Alfred Woyomi in the name of judgement debt when Woyomi had no contract with the state in any way. Because the government is not committed to fighting corruption the Attorney General of the state Mr. Martin Amidu was given the sack when he expressed his desire openly to pursue the gargantuan criminals.

With the North in particular they promised us the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) to bridge the poverty gap between the South and the North. With less than a year for the NDC to be kicked out of government they are yet to fulfill that promise.

When they were desperate for power, they promised Ghanaians they were to introduce one term premium for the NHIS in the first hundred days of election. With over three years of their four years mandate gone, they are yet to fulfill that promise.

Another promise they made when they were desperate for power was to reduce fuel prices drastically, on assumption of the reins of Ghana, they are rather drastically increasing fuel prices.

Apart from spending over 1.3 Billion of the tax payers' money on tea by the government's transitional team an aide to presidential Mills reportedly spent billions of the tax payers' money on Christmas hampers on phantom media men who were allegedly going to educate Ghanaians on the 2010 budget statement of Ghana.

Several confirmed and unconfirmed stories have emerged in the media about how various government officials have bought mansions inside and outside the country including even the president of the republic of Ghana.

Ghanaians have now had the golden opportunity of comparing two administrations. It is now very clear that, the NDC has no vision for mother Ghana. The only vision they have is how to pay colossal sums of money to Woyomi and Construction Pioneers and to also train their young boys on how to insult!

What Ghanaians should do to save present and future generations is to humbly vote these nation wreckers out of power. This must be done to save the soul of Ghana and Ghanaians.

May I also urge Ghanaians to make time to register to vote when the Electoral Commission starts the biometric registration between 24th March to my birth day 5th May ,2012.

By Akilu Sayibu, Tamale- North
Email: [email protected]

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