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05.03.2012 Feature Article

You may loose like a cheetah in corporate

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Why the population of cheetah is declining at an alarming rate when compared to the population of a lion or hyena or wild dog? Cheetah has several remarkable qualities as a top predator in the food chain, fastest runner, knows how to hide and stock etc., but why it is still at the receiving end?

Why this question is equally important to the corporate leaders who may not have virtually any business either with cheetah, lion, hyena or wild dog? Reason for the declining population of cheetah has an important insight for the corporate employees and leaders to learn and follow in life.

No carnivore or a predator can run as fast as a cheetah. Because of the extraordinary speed of cheetah in running, it can easily chase and hunt any prey. But the cheetah also has the limitation that it cannot hunt bigger preys. When cheetah run, chase and hunt a prey, immediately it cannot eat it because of the huge energy loss already it had incurred in hunting the prey. It has to rest for a while only then it can eat its prey.

When the cheetah is totally exhausted after a hunt, it cannot also fight or chase other predators that may come close to its hunt.

It is been researched that cheetah looses significant proportion of its hunt to other predators like lion, hyena or wild dog. The poor cheetah hunts a prey and gets exhausted while the other lazy predators easily chase the cheetah out and eat its hard earning. This is considered to be one of the main reasons for declining population of cheetah.

The insight cheetah conveys to the corporate is that one should not relay only on their hard working ability or 'unique strength' for success. If you work hard and achieve anything great, before even you enjoy someone may steal or grab it. Your achievement may naturally cause an exertion in you and, before even you recoup from such energy loss, the people around you may snatch it from you. This is a natural law. It is not your ability to achieve decides your success but how smartly you retain your achievement for yourself alone ensures success.

One has to be cunning and cleaver in the positive sense; otherwise, the people around them in the corporate world may rout them of their achievement or success. The process of every achievement will cause tiredness and energy loss. The hawks around you will be 'waiting for such an opportunity' to grab, snatch and steal your 'earning or achievement'. Learn to protect it and do not limit your proud just to achieve.

The law of nature is different and is general for all the living things. Hence every living thing while in nature also needs to create 'its own law' to protect its interest and not to harm or steal anything from others. This essential lesson every corporate must learn from the declining population of cheetah.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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