President Mills Never Made Those Comments

By Information Ministry

Government has become aware of a publication in the Daily Guide of today in which His Excellency President Mills is said to have attended a meeting at the Peduase Lodge last Friday and allegedly stated that he does not need the assistance of His Excellency Former President Rawlings in the upcoming elections.

The Presidency takes a strong view of the publication which is nothing but a total fabrication.

No such meeting took place and those comments have never been made by President Mills. Indeed the President was nowhere near the Peduase Lodge as his schedules last Friday which included swearing in newly appointed Ministers of State at the Castle, commissioning the Olam Factory at Tema and returning to the Castle for other official meetings including a closed door meeting with the National Media Commission ironically to discuss the politics of insults and unethical journalism such as this one.

President Mills will continue to work with the Founder and be the unifier and attract more support for the NDC as his record over the years has shown.

It is our expectation that the Daily Guide will put out an immediate retraction and apology to His Excellency the President.

We hope that as we all commit ourselves to a free and independent press, we will be guided by truth and timeless standards which is the only way to safeguard our collective freedoms.

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There is no softer pillow than a clear conscience.
By: Akwasi Antwi Boasiak