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24 February 2012 | Presidency News

Speech delivered by President Mills on the occassion of the launch of the Olam Mill Facility in Tema

Modern Ghana
Speech delivered by President Mills on the occassion of the launch of the Olam Mill Facility in Tema

Mr. Chairman,
Agriculture Minister,
Your Excellency, the Chief Executive of Olam International,
Country Manager of Olam Ghana,
The hardworking farmers of Ghana,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning.

We are gathered here this morning witnessing an additional plus for the growth of Ghana's agricultural industry and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this all-important event.

Olam Ghana has once again proven to be a vital partner in broadening the frontiers of our agric sector development plan, and we are very grateful to them for the continuous heavy investment in the sector.

Indeed, we have seen their commitment to the growth of the sector and the country as a whole in many ways including:

• Investing GHC 144 Million in the agric sector this year alone
• Building a Biscuit Manufacturing factory
• Wheat Milling factory, which we are all witnessing today

• Giving of soft loans to cashew farmers, building community centers, providing weedicides, cutlasses, rain coats, boots, and weighing scales to help farmers grow their businesses.

• Supporting Government to tackle the menace of cocoa smuggling.

I am also aware that Olam Ghana has plans to invest in the areas of Tomato Processing, Pasta Manufacturing, Cashew Processing, and rice pre-packaging.

Considering the solid track record of the Olam Ghana, I am assured that these factories will come alive sooner than later.

On many of my trips around the country; especially in the hinterlands, I have interacted with staff of Olam Ghana and appreciate their contribution to the growth of our economy.

The Government of Ghana recognises the role the private sector plays in any growing economy and we also know the crucial role the agriculture sector has to play, and must play, in the growth of the economy.

Indeed, the agric sector is a major pivot around which the economy revolves and this Government will not sacrifice the agric sector on the altar of our oil and gas find.

In other words, we will not be consumed by the oil and gas find to the extent of neglecting the agric sector.

The oil and gas find actually provides us with an opportunity to generate the needed income to enable us invest heavily in the agric sector.

Ladies and Gentlemen: there is no doubt that this 55 million dollar world class wheat milling facility will bring a lot of relief to our farmers and also support Government's pledge to create more jobs.

I am hopeful that we will make optimum use of this facility and keep it running for as long as possible.

Considering the solid track record of Olam Ghana Ltd, I have no doubt that this factory will have a very long lifespan.

I am particularly happy that it is happening at this time when our agric sector needshuge investments to move it onto a higher pedestal.

Ladies and gentlemen, in line with our 'Better Ghana' agenda, we will continue to provide the necessary resources and create the right environment to make it even easier for investors to find Ghana an attractive investment destination.

Government is committed to surmounting the challenges that face the agric sector and will continue to forge a close relationship with the private sector in this regard.

I congratulate Olam Ghana for the immense contribution and investment in the agric sector and congratulate them for giving more meaning to their presence in Ghana.

I thank Olam Ghana for the opportunity to commission this new factory and I thank you all for your kind attention.

quot-img-1If you fail to plan your plan will fail.

By: Yaw Boakye Fredua Ag quot-img-1