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15 February 2012 | NDC News



February 15, 2012 - We, the United States Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC-USA) in recognition of the able and visionary leadership of President John Atta Mills, express our confidence in the direction and new heights his policies are taking Ghana.

Under the able leadership of President Mills, Ghana continues on a path of phenomenal economic growth. Ghana's Real Gross Domestic Product is expected to grow at about nine percent for the year 2012. Additionally, the sound fiscal and monetary policies of the government have reduced the rate of inflation in Ghana to single digits. Food prices as a result have remained at affordable levels in the country. Under the Mills led administration, expansionary social intervention programs have been spearheaded for the good of the country. This includes but is not limited to the extinction in most parts of the country of classrooms under trees, and the establishment of two more state-owned universities among many other developmental projects.

It is therefore not surprising that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund has endorsed a loan of $3 billion which the government of the President John Atta Mills contracted with the government of China for the development of the oil, gas resources and other infrastructural projects in Ghana. Noting that the current government of Ghana has shown due transparency in the management of the potential oil and gas resources of the country under the Petroleum Revenue Management Bill, the World bank and IMF has indicated that, the economic multiplier effect of this visionary $3 billion loan package on the economy of the country is bound to be breathtaking and lead to substantial economic prosperity in the future.

With reference to the executive branch of national government, His Excellency, President John Atta Mills, has followed due process of the law with transparency. He has steadfastly upheld the virtues of probity and accountability which have been the guiding principles of his government's actions and decisions on the judgment debts of the country. It is noteworthy that the president's approach is reassuring to the international community, because it underscores his government's commitment to combat corrupting tendencies in the bureaucratic institutions and machinery of government. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the NPP during the Kufuor administration, which arbitrarily, sidestepped the laws of Ghana that govern the procurement process and made it possible for Ghana to be sued for the judgment debts in the first place. The NPP under the leadership of Akuffo Addo continue to behave like an ostrich with it head buried in the sand, about the $400 million dollars of Ghana's money they incurred as judgment debts.

The NDC-USA wishes to remind Ghanaians that most of the money that has been lost to international business interests as a result of judgment debts is a direct result of the immediate past NPP government's actions and inactions coupled with their sidestepping the laws of Ghana.

Recognizing the need for international cooperation in the health and peaceful endeavors of the nations of the world, His Excellency, President John Atta Mills, has affirmed his strong resolve to help combat the illicit international narcotics trade in Ghana, West Africa. By cooperating with relevant government agencies in the developed economies, to bring to bear the full force of the law to detect, identify, and punish criminal entities, persons and organizations involved in the international narcotics trade.

We note that the preceding qualities of the government of His Excellency, President John Atta Mills, have earned the sovereign nation of Ghana profound international economic dividends as the gateway and investment destination of West Africa. As a result, several international businesses and governments are investing several billions of dollars in the Ghanaian economy to accelerate the “Better Ghana Agenda”.

We remain confident that in his upcoming State of the Nation Address, His Excellency, Prof. John Atta Mills, will articulate a clear vision for economic prosperity and good governance for the sovereign nation of Ghana.

Long Live the Government of President Mills, long live the NDC, long live Ghana.

Osborne K Sam
Secretary, NDC USA

Prof. Kwame Agyenim Boateng
Chairman, NDC USA

Media Response Committee,

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