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13.02.2012 General News

After Damning Revelations from The Al-Hajj... O.B AMOAH CONFESSES

By The Al-Hajj
After Damning Revelations from The Al-Hajj... O.B AMOAH CONFESSES
LISTEN FEB 13, 2012

…Yes, I took cash from my friend Woyome

After numerous weeks of denial and deception, Hon. O. B. Amoah, former Deputy Minister of Education and Sports has made final confession that he has financially benefited from the now embattled businessman Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome in his campaign to run for parliamentary seat on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In an interview with the Accra-based private radio station, Radio Gold, Hon Amoah was pinned down to finally accept that he benefited from the beleaguered businessman after coming face to face with the expose from The Al-Hajj.

He also admitted that Mr. Alfred Woyome has been his close buddy for years and he come to his office and residence regularly when he was the deputy minister of Education and Sports.

Below is the excerpt of the interview he had with Radio Gold's Alhassan Sunyini yesterday.

Radio Gold: Welcome to the show Hon. O.B. Amoah, how would you describe your relationship with Alfred Woyome.

Hon. OB Amoah: I know Alfred Woyome , if I say I don't know him am not speaking the truth. Since 2005 when I was made deputy minister at the then Ministry of Education and Sports to Jan.2009, four years in office, I knew Woyome very well; even when I was living in Cantonments he used to come to my house. In the office, almost every staff knew that Woyome used to come to the office. So, I wouldn't deny anywhere that I didn't know Alfred Woyome.

Radio Gold: Did you ever benefit from Alfred Woyome financially? Has he given you money before for whatever purposes?

O.B. Amoah: For whatever purpose? When it comes to fundraising, we take funds from all sorts of people, and I don't see why anybody will tie it to judgment debt. When it comes to fundraising we take funds for all purposes and from all sectors.

Radio Gold: Was Woyome ever a source of fundraising for you, sir?

O.B. Amoah: I'll reserve my right to answer that one until I consult my lawyers. I don't want to engage Bature on this matter.

Radio Gold: Has he ever given you money before?
O.B. Amoah: Please I reserve my right to take any step I want to take. If I make any statement it will prejudice my right to take certain steps I want to take.

Radio Gold: Is it true that he has given you money?

O.B. Amoah: I said that for several purposes anybody can give you money. I'll never lie if Alfred Woyome has given me money…because it will not solve any problem.

Radio Gold: So it will be a lie to say Woyome has never given you money?

O.B. Amoah: What do you mean by it will be a lie? What I said was that for fundraising purposes, Woyome can contribute to your fundraising efforts but it didn't have link for him going for judgment debt.

Radio Gold: So, Judgment debt aside, did he contribute to your campaign?

O.B. Amoah: Please if it is this line you want to continue, am afraid I would have to end this conversation. If you have any other question you want answered go ahead, but the answer I gave you on this matter am not changing it.

The Al-Hajj in a publication yesterday reported that Mr. O.B Amoah, also a sitting Member of Parliament for Aburi-Nsawam, was a beneficiary of a whooping GHS290, 000 in cash and cheques from the now beleaguered businessman and ex-diplomat, Alfred Agbesi Woyome

The report indicated that Woyome, a close ally of the then deputy minister in one such transaction issued a cheque in the sum of GHS90, 000 to Mr. Amoah who subsequently endorsed the back of the cheque and deposited it into his bank account at the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), branch name currently withheld.

The Al-Hajj report further stated that the beleaguered Alfred Woyome has had a long-standing friendship with both Mr. O. B. Amoah and his former boss Mr. Osafo Marfo the former Minister of Education and Sports.

This relationship according to the paper's intelligence led to the financing of the campaign of Mr. O.B Amoah twice in his parliamentary career. The first one was in the run-up to the 2008 elections and the second in the just ended NPP primaries for the 2012 elections, all plus other expenses totaling over GHS200,000.

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