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10.02.2012 NPP News

NPP Rejects EOCO Report

By Daily Graphic
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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has rejected the interim report of the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) on the GhC58 million judgment debt payment scandal.

It reiterated its earlier position that President J.E.A Mill’s call on EOCO to intervene in the matter was simply “a smoke screen, charade, and a calculated attempt to cover up the involvement of the President, some of his Ministers and other Government officials in this sordid affair”.

A statement signed by the National Chairman of party, Mr Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey, insisted that it was the party’s opinion that EOCO was the wrong forum to investigate this matter if the truth should be revealed.

It contended that even to the casual observer, the EOCO report could not be taken seriously, and when subjected to critical analysis “it collapses like a pack of cards. The Report is made up of half-truths, inherent contradictions, inconsistencies, lies, unfounded innuendos and baseless speculation”.

According to the party, it is rejecting the interim report, among other reasons, because “whilst the President has publicly pronounced his ignorance of the whole affair, we are suddenly told by EOCO that he intervened and even sought to stop payments to Woyome”.

The statement noted, however, that the report was silent on critical questions such as: when did the President know of the illegal payment; who told the President about the illegal payment?; how did the president attempt to stop the illegal payment?; whom did the president instruct not to honour the illegal payment and what did the president do when the instructions were ignored?”.

It said the party had reliable information that from the same Woyome bank account, from which EOCO identified the payment of GHC400, 000.00 to the wife of the Chief State Attorney, other payments of equal if not more pronounced importance were made.

It alleged that these payments were made to high-ranking Government officials and prominent NDC Executives, noting that “We are not surprised that the Report is quiet on these payments, since from the outset it was an orchestrated attempt to cover up organised official corruption.

The statement propmised the public that at the appropriate time the party shall present to the people of Ghana a detailed analysis of what the statement called this apology of a report.

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