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7 February 2012 | Feature Article

Failure, your stepping Stone to Success

“We tend to most resist failure when we most want to succeed; - yet to succeed in new, challenging, and meaningful ways we most fail” – Charles C. Manz.

Having observed for some time, I have realized that many people always want to run away from failure. Anytime success and failure are spoken of; individuals become quiet centered, with failure on one side and success on the other side. What happens is that, they do all they can to move toward success and away from failure.

But friend, what if you changed your mentality to putting failure before success. This way you make failure a stepping stone to success.

Quite often, what we fail to realize is that, anytime we fail in our activities, it means we couldn't overcome a big challenge. We have to note that the more we tackle challenges the higher our chance of succeeding. “Decide to be unstoppable, you may stumble and you may fail but you must not stop” said Willie Jolley.

The fact is that failure is only a temporal setback. Failure is not evil as some of my pals perceive. Real failures occur when we move away from worthwhile challenges without even trying but giving up. And also when we do not learn from our failure we tend to experience complete failure which cannot lead to success.

What we must all know is that, the negative mentality we hold for failure must change. You could be successful if you learn to discover opportunities in challenges/problems.

The key to unlocking the success of your activity is persisting, being determined and endeavoring to succeed whenever you have a challenge; when failure comes your way , it should tell you that your methods of approach is not right. Therefore you have to change it.

William Shakespeare once said, “our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt” Keep striving to overcome your challenges, never think of giving up; least you become a failure. Hey! Do have any challenge? If No! Go get one if you want success to smile at you.

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