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07.02.2012 Press Release

GAME-Wants to Know from President Mills on Woyomegate

By Get Ata Mills Evicted
GAME-Wants to Know from President Mills on Woyomegate
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We of GAME (Get Ata Mills Evicted) are utterly disappointed by the complexity and negligence of the Mills led administration leading to the loss of billions to the state. The inept, incompetent and corrupt president has been caught pants down. Little did he know the well-rehearsed plan to dupe the people of Ghana with a court backed ill-conceived claim would have come public.

We are not interested in the personalities already before the court as their fate lays within the bosom of the law. We're concerned about all those who are dodging justice because of their connections and are in systematic plot to cover their involvement or save their faces in the whole saga. As and when any of those personalities is drag to court we will omit them from our agitation and leave them to the courts. We abide by the rule of law and the ultimate supremacy of the citizenry.

It is our considered view that credit for the ongoing prosecution should not go to the president as they're seeking to do. It is utter shame the communication director of the president, TOPY and sections of the NDC's rented press are already singing praises and sycophantic tunes to the president for commissioning EOCO and making its report public as well as the ongoing prosecution. What is so special in the EOCO report, apart from the documentation of the president's knowledge which hitherto was not clear?

GAME will want to state and ask the following questions of the president and his appointees:

  1. Glory is to God for President Mills' decision to reshuffle Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrissu as Attorney General. Little did the president know the exit of Auntie Betty was going to open the embarrassment box of negligence, cover-up and corruption that he's being presiding over?
  2. Thanks to the decision of Ghanaians for their increasing commitment to free speech and press. Moreover, the motivation of some few individuals who dare to break ranks putting Ghana first in their political activities.
  3. Thanks to an attorney general who decided not to compromise his professional 30-year fight against corruption as well as his ministerial oath to serve the people of Ghana with dignity but not to the dictates of president Mills, integrity and commitment caring less the threat to his life and interest as a minister.
  4. Thanks to the haste of a president who thought the commitment of his attorney general to fight corruption enrages him leading to his dismissal.
  5. Thanks to a president who sought to sanction an investigation to let Ghanaians know he expressed concern to stop Woyomegate going ahead with no success. Does the president remember any concept like ministerial responsibility and ultimate responsibility in his career as a law lecturer, politician and in governance?
  6. Why did he fail to act all these while if he's so concerned or he's overzealous now as a face saving exercise?
  7. Did he lack the moral and political will to act because he was part of the scheme from its inception to execution?
  8. At what point in time did the president and his ministers hiding under the ongoing prosecution realize there was no contract involved in the claim?
  9. On what basis then did they open debt settlement negotiations with Woyome at the first place?
  10. Who then sanctioned the debt settlement negotiation with Woyome?
  11. At what point did the president know of the negligence and complexities of his appointees and their mandate?
  12. What query if any did the president give to his appointees who negotiated a settlement with Woyome with such high level of negligence?
  13. Is President Mills still committed to finding those who caused the liability?
  14. Is it true “critical payments in issue” were not authorized by Auntie Betty and were paid after her exit as Attorney General?
  15. Is it true president Mills appointed Mr. Awoonor to negotiate judgment debts?

GAME remains quiet as the saga unfolds and encourages Ghanaians to be motivated by common sense when dealing with the issues.

We believe the chief negotiator and the power that sanctioned the debt settlement negotiation even though there's no contract will soon yield in or surely, the pieces would be put together and the law will catch up with them.

We believe with a concerted effort President Mills and his inept government will be shown the exit in 2012. Get involve by emailing [email protected] or via Facebook.

Thank you.
God Bless You. Long Live Ghana
Yao Benjamin
Coordinator, Get Ata Mills Evicted (GAME) Social Network

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