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07.02.2012 Feature Article

NDC UK/Ireland Youth Wing Reacts to Anthony Karbo's - We Will Kill to Win Power

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London, 6th of February, 2012: NDC UK/Ireland Youth Wing Reacts to Anthony Karbo

On Friday, 3 February, the youth wing of the NDC UK/Ireland chapter read the daily democrat news report on Ghanaweb with momentous apprehension. In the said news item the National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Anthony Karbo is reported to have stated that the NPP is desperate to see change and desperate to see the presidency of Nana Akufo-Addo. He further states that, the NPP youth would not hesitate to crush anyone who tries to thwart that effort. The party, he said, would use all possible means, foul or fair to capture power. He encouraged the youth to be militant saying that “If the Egyptian and Tunisian Youths could do that, then we can also certainly do it”.

Members of the youth wing of the NDC UK/Ireland Chapter call on our colleagues in the NPP and all Ghanaian youth to denounce such calls on them to be violent and take up arms against their compatriots. We further call on all youth especially the youth of northern Ghana not to allow themselves to be used as tools by politicians such as Anthony Karbo for their selfish political aims.

It is unconscionable that a National youth organizer of a political party in our good country Ghana is indulging in such recklessness for political expediency. We want to point out to the NPP that the issues and political atmosphere which culminated in the arab spring in the middle east are not comparable to the political situation in Ghana. We recognise that the NPP is trying to use the arab spring as a template to whip up a violent political storm that would mar election 2012 and disturb the equanimity and recognition that Ghana currently enjoys. We are well aware of the intentions of the NPP to use violence as a tool to broker a power sharing deal should their flag bearer come short once again as he is destined to. We call on the security services to be extra vigilant and to begin to prosecute individuals who try to use their political platforms to incite hatred and violence in the lead up to election 2012.

We want to reiterate the view of our national youth organiser that Anthony Karbo's comments are unacceptable, ill-informed, malicious and have no place in the body politic of our nation. We urge all NPP youth to be law abiding and desist from acts which could breach the peace of the country ahead of election 2012.

We call on civil society, the clergy and religious groups, chiefs and other opinion formers and leaders in our country to join us in calling on the parliament of Ghana to clarify and where absent to enact laws that will ensure the prosecution of people who incite and indulge in actions and pronouncements that are inimical to the peace and stability of mother Ghana.

Scripture says by their works ye shall know them. The NPP only last week organised an interdenominational crusade aimed at presenting the view that they are God fearing and yet their crusade is immediately followed by such pronouncements leaves very little doubt about their true political intentions.

We believe that Ghana deserves as never before, political leaders who are measured thinkers, thinkers of great thoughts. Our country deserves doers, doers of great deeds, deeds and pronouncements that are exemplary. Of what use is the education of Anthony Karbo and his cohorts in the NPP, if they as political party leaders cannot help our country in her hour of need. Mother Ghana, in 2012, more than any other time, needs all of us, educated and uneducated, youth and non youth, to join forces in ensuring her stability and socioeconomic development beyond election 2012.

Gameli Kewurabi Hoedoafia (Youth Organiser)
Youth Wing, NDC UK/Ireland Chapter
Suite 12775, Second Floor
145-157 St. Johns Street
London EC1V 4PY

Gameli Hoedoafia
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