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03.02.2012 Business & Finance

Global food-prices outlook is a clarion call for immediate government interventions – GAWU

By Emmanuel Agyei
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Agric-Workers say the latest outlook on global food-prices only highlights the need for government to institute immediate policies that would guarantee farmers ready market.

The World Bank's report indicates global food-prices have declined over the last few months but remain high and volatile with the average annual prices of major staples well exceeding averages for 2010. Here in Ghana, whilst a shortage of maize has already shot up the price, tomato price is also expected to double in March due to a slump in production.

Deputy General Secretary of the General Agricultural Workers Union, GAWU, Edward Kareweh tells JOY BUSINESS this only calls for an immediate government intervention.

“We are in a crisis situation because the price of maize tells you that the supply of the crop in the market is low. But whether we believe it or not, global outlook on food and economic development indicate that we brace ourselves for high prices of foodstuffs in the future – this year inclusive and then the subsequent years. That is to be expected because even population growth alone does not make it an exception not to talk of climatic changes which also contributes to the poor performance of the crop” he noted.

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