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Feb 3, 2012 | Commentaries

God Bless Apostle Kwadwo Safo, Africa's Shining Star

By Honourable Dr Saka

I am a Ghanaian living in the UK. I thank God for the life of Apostle Kwadwo Safo. Today I am a proud Ghanaian and a proud African because of the works of the Apostle. I have been watching a few youtube videos and visiting the website for a few updates on his inventions. I am writing on behalf of many Ghanaians here in the UK, Germany, US and many other places to express our support to you for the efforts you have put up so far. Ghana and Africa is proud of you and we encourage you never to give up in this struggle to make Ghana a shining star of Africa.

It is very sad that the government doesn't seem to have given you enough attention and financial support in a manner that would have made your effort a bit easier and more successful. Unfortunately, the MEDIA which ought to talk more about your efforts and help put more pressure on the Government of Ghana, has deliberately refused to acknowledge your efforts.

However, we the Ghanaians in the diaspora are very proud of you and some of us are doing everything possible in our own small way to make sure that your achievement is acknowledged. We'll continue to put pressure on the government to support your effort so that together we can make Ghana a better place.

We thank God for your life and we pray for more wisdom, knowledge, good health and opportunities to come your way. God bless Apostle Safo Katanka.

It is our hope that the media will begin to focus more attention on African heroes such as Apostle Safo Kantanka and help steer Ghana and Africa on the right economic path.

Honourable Dr Saka (H.D.S)
(CEO, ConBuild Gh. Ltd.)

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