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Still Slaves Of Foreign Style Festivals

Still Slaves Of Foreign Style Festivals
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My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA/Europe , do you know ninety-nine percent of your today's festivals you boast about so much are not your festivals but alien/Foreign/Western/Arab/Jewish-based and oriented festivals imposed on you to keep you forever ignorant of and uprooted from the Knowledge, Concept and Practice of your Continental AfrikaFestivals?

Are you aware that your today's festivities in the belly of the White man are totally alien to your Original, Native and Authentic Continental Afrikan based and oriented Festivities that make you give thanks and praise not to alien Deities and Ancestors but to your Holy and sacred Continental Afrikan Supreme Deity and Ancestors?

Why do you continue to allow the White man and others to fool you into accepting and believing their slave/colonial/neocolonial lies that holidays for you in life can only be Judeo-Christian/Western/Arab or Foreign based and controlled as the surest way of keeping you locked up in the prisons of your today's self ignorance of Foreign domination, control and exploitation ?

When are you going to learn the painful Afrikacentric Truth you try to dodge all your life that the White man's created, based, oriented, and controlled festivals, festivities and holidays imposed on you exist at the expense of your Continental AfrikaFestivals, Festivities and Holidays ?

When will it sink into your Continental AfrikaMind which is now invaded and controlled by all kinds of Foreign Weeds and Thorns of all sizes and shapes, that your today's Alien/Foreign National Festivals, Festivities and Holidays you honor so much are anti-Afrikan National Festivals, Holidays which make you prefer the insult and curse of preferring alien Festivals to the Pride, Dignity and Joy of honoring your own Ancestral Afrika-based and oriented National Holidays, Festivals and Festivities as others do all over the world .

That is why, all over the world, past and present, all conscious Human Groups or Cultures make sure they create, invent, develop, fortify and celebrate only their own Authentic, Positive and Ancestral/Traditional Continental AfrikaFestivals that promote and celebrate who and what they are life, their past, present and future accomplishments as a people as well as celebrate their oneness , their Cultural Heritage, Historical and Ancestral Root, History etc as a people .

This explains why Chinese holidays are not the same as Japanese or French or British or Afrikan holidays and vice-versa.

Because, Festivals/Festivities/Holidays are, by their Nature are Unique, Native and Original to specific Human Groups that have created them to make them feel good and proud of themselves as a people with a unique glorious shared past to uncover for the key to understand and solve the root causes of whatever present day crisis they have for a better tomorrow for all.

That is why, for Three Million years in Ancient Term and Ten Thousand years in Modern Term, your Ancient Continental Afrikan Ancestors led the way and the world in inventing, creating and developing for their benefit, the world's first and oldest Human Festivals on Earth that do great honor to them as the Cradle of Humanity and Mother of today's world Festivals/Festivities/Holidays and without which none of them will exist for you to become slave to today.

Because, as far as your Continental Afrikan Ancestors are concerned, alien based festivals and festivities that exist to promote foreign/alien power over them do not deserve to be called and honored as festivities but death traps which they do everything within their power to avoid or neutralize.

And also because, to them, holidays are supposed to celebrate, honor, praise, thank, and acknowledge themselves as Continental Afrikans and not to celebrate and praise Foreigners and their holidays or festivals at the expense of theirs .

That is why, your Continental Afrikan Ancestors see the urgent need to endow themselves with the blessings of a variety of Continental Afrika based Festivals that bring them together on specific days of each year, to celebrate and honor each other as free, happy, prosperous and modern Continental Afrikans always in tune and grateful to and for the limitless Power, Blessings, Protection and Guidance of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU through their Continental AfrikaSaints and in Harmony with their Holy AfrikaSpirit Within them and in all Creation of which they are all part of as Divine Spirit in Human Flesh , the Manifestation of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU on earth .

These Ancient but unknown and forgotten Continental Afrikan based Festivals in honor and praise of our Continental Afrikan Oneness, Heritage, History, Culture, Root as well as our Creator AFRIKAMAWU and our Continental AfrikaSaints for all our today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans all over the world to rediscover and celebrate each year as follows:

1) The Continental Afrikan Family Festival in honor and praise of the AfrikaCentric Family of the Year.

2) The Continental Afrikan Child Festival in honor and praise of the Afrikacentric Child of the Year

3) The Continental Afrikan Youth Festival in honor and praise of the Afrikacentric Youth of the Year.

4) The Continental Afrikan Woman Festival in honor and praise of the Afrikacentric Woman of the Year

5) The Continental Afrikan Man Festival in honor and praise of the Afrikacentric

Man of the Year

6) The Continental Afrikan Grandmother Festival in honor and praise of the Afrikacentric Grandmother of the Year

7) The Continental Afrikan Grandfather Festival in honor and praise of the Afrikacentric Grandfather of the Year

8) The Continental Afrikan Power Festival in honor and praise of the AfrikaCentric Power and Benefits of Our Awareness and Determination to Live and Prosper as Afrikacentric Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens of Our Continental Afrikan Republic

9) The Continental Afrikan Thanksgiving Festival in honor and praise of all the
Blessing/Victories We Have Received Throughout the Year

10) The Continental Afrikan Nature Festival in honor and praise of the
Immortality of the Oneness and Sacredness of All Life/Creation

11) The Continental Afrikan Holy Spirit Festival in honor and praise of the
Immortality of Our Holy Afrikan Spirit Within Us

12) The Continental Afrikan Ancestors Festival in honor and praise of our Continental Afrikan Ancestral Saints Who Have Achieved Ones with Our Creator AFRIKAMAWU

13) The Continental Afrikan Divine Festival in honor and praise of AFRIKAMAWU
As Our One and Only Creator whose sacred and holy Image we are all made of .

In other words, by conferring on themselves, the right to have and celebrate their own Continental Afrika based and oriented Festivals that honor and make them feel good about themselves as Continental Afrikans, your Ancient Continental Afrikan Ancestors were able to free themselves from the hell of the insults, shame, disgrace, and ignorance of calling and treating Alien festivals as their own or preferring them to their own.

Hence, to recover and celebrate the Authentic Afrikan Festivals of your Holy Continental Afrikan Ancestors is to re-link yourselves back to the limitless Spirit, Power and Energy of your Holy AfrikaSpirit, your Continental AfrikaSaints and your Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you and in all Creation as Reborn and Awakened Afrikans on Earth.

All because, your Continental Afrika based and oriented Festivals are the only Festivals on Earth which are capable of and destined to set you free from the Invisible Genocide of celebrating and honoring alien Deities, alien Ancestors, alien saviors and alien spirits and their alien agendas of lies , false teachings , faiths and promises which flourish on the carcasses of your AfrikaFestivals .

To continue, therefore, to pretend that it does not matter whether or not you celebrate your own Continental Afrikan Festivals rather than someone else's, is to prefer the chaff to the grain.

Or to say or deny that all the various Festivals you celebrate in USA/Europe are not Western or Foreign or Judeo-Christian or Arab based and oriented or that you have every right to choose what Festivals you wish to celebrate and to ignore AfrikaFestivals can only keep you deeper and deeper in the White man's claws over you.

For, Festivals/Festivities/Holidays that keep you ignorant of the Festivals/Festivities/Holidays of your Holy Continental Afrikan Ancestors can never be your Festivals as Afrikans in USA/Europe but only make you believe and accept their lies that you have no Festivals/Festivities/Holidays of your own to be proud of and honor and that without their Alien Festivals you will be nothing on Earth.

Hence, only your Continental Afrika based Festivals can put an end to these lies and make you feel whole again as true, full-fledged , awakened and liberated Continental Afrikan again on Earth.

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