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25 January 2012 | Feature Article

Still Slaves Of Foreign Perspectives

Still Slaves Of Foreign Perspectives


By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected];

My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, what is your perspective in your today's White man's world you are programmed to call your beloved country?

What is the point of reference of the Foundation of your perspective in USA/America?

Do you know, your today's perspective of the world and life is not your perspective but a slave perspective that you are not even aware of?

When will you wake up from your deep 400 year old sleep to know that your present day perspectives for which you give yourself so much credit are nothing but Western/White slave world-created, based, oriented and controlled perspectives but which you are programmed to refer to as your own perspectives in USA?

When will you finally accept and believe in your forgotten Afrikacentric Truth that only a Continental Afrikan-based and oriented Perspective can be your Perspective in life in USA/America/Europe and without which your perspective in life is no perspective but death to your Perspective.

That is why the Jewish American has a Jewish perspective of life which he/she will never exchange with any other perspectives in the world .

The Italian American's perspective of life is Italian.

The Anglo-Saxon American's perspective of the world is Anglo-Saxon or British-based and oriented , no matter what .

In the same way, the Chinese American, the Japanese American, the Irish American, the Spanish American, the Arab American, etc all in and outside USA have all their own individual and unique Ancestral perspectives of life and the world which they love, respect, promote, defend, and project whenever they find themselves.

But when it comes to you 99% of my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, everything was done and is still being done by your Invisible Foreign Creators, Masters and Controllers to turn you into the only human group on Earth without a perspective of your own.

For 300 years you allowed the White man to program you into accepting his lie that your present perspectives in the White man world are your own perspectives and are not Western/White world's based oriented and controlled perspectives you are calling your own.

And yet, while the White Man cannot and will never exchange or trade his Western/White based and oriented perspective in life with any other perspectives in life, the White man makes sure you have no Continental Afrikan-based and oriented Perspective of your own which was your Perspective for Three million years in Ancient Term and Ten Thousand years in modern term.

Simply because, long and long before you were brought here in chains via your Afrikan Ancestors, you had your own first and oldest perspective on Earth and Mother of all today's world perspectives.

That is why your early Afrikan Ancestors in America/New World, never allowed the White man to destroy and deprive them of their Afrikan Perspective of life.

That is why, against all odds and even in the White man's chains, they still held on to their Continental Afrikan Perspective which they loved, cherished and respected for helping them see clearer in the midst of so much confusion and darkness.

Thanks to their Afrikan Perspective, they never lost sight of the fact that Continental Afrika is their One and Only Indivisible Paradise Home to return to and America the White man's world their hell to avoid, and break away from, no matter what.

Thanks to their Continental Afrikan Perspective, your early Afrikan Ancestors from whom you descend and without whom you will not be born today in USA, knew and believed that in spite of their physical chains, their enslavement and misery in the White man's world are but temporary because to them, no condition is permanent in life.

Through their constant attunement to the limitless Power and Benefit of their Continental Afrikan Ancestral Perspective within them as Proud and Awakened Afrikans in the White Man's world and chains, they were able to see what the White Man did not want them to see, to experience and understand the world and life with their Continental Afrikan Eyes or perspective.

That is why the White Man's Chains and hell of de-Afrikanization could not rob your proud Afrikan Ancestors in White Man world could not keep them ignorant of and uprooted from the knowledge, the power and the importance for their Continental Afrikan Perspective in life and of the world .

This is so, because, your early Afrikan Ancestors in USA/America knew deep down them that they can only be physically slaves of the White Man but mentally and spiritually, they know they are free and proud Afrikans committed to fighting for and regaining their freedom from the hell of the White man's domination, control, exploitation and abuses.

But today, you my Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, consider it the ultimate privileged, a victory, and honor, a big change and success in life to replace the Heaven of your Continental Afrikan Ancestral Perspective within you with the White Man's perspectives imposed on you to purposely keep you forever uprooted from, ignorant of and dead to and hateful of your Afrikan Perspective which 99% of your ignorant PhDs and Professors now dismiss or ridicule as non-existent or irrelevant to your success in life.

Today, in the name of the White man's concept of civil rights, civic rights, human rights, freedom, emancipation, independence, change, progress, empowerment, liberation, development, prosperity, happiness, success in life , you see nothing wrong in fighting and dying for the right to see the world and life with the White man's Eyes instead of with your Continental Afrikan Eyes or Perspective .

That is why you can also boast of your perspective as being Negro perspective or Afro perspective or Black perspective or as Afro-centric perspective or as African American perspective or Black American perspective as the surest way of keeping you ignorant of , uprooted from and dead to your Afrikan Perspective .

In other words, your today's perspectives of the world and life can never be American/USA/Western/White/African American based and oriented because none of them is based on and rooted in the Power, Pride and Dignity of Ancestral Continental Afrikan Identity, Awareness, Education, Source, Root, Point of Preference and Foundation for you to base your Afrikan Life or System or Afrikan Essence on as all other Human Groups in USA and Europe have done for their own benefit .

Besides, your today's American/USA/Black/Black American/Afrikan American/Negro perspectives in life are nothing but slave perspectives which make you to gladly, zealously, and proudly accept, love, adore, preserve, and oversee today's invisible masters-servant relationship between you and the White man which you are conditioned to hail as progress and change in your White man's controlled world of USA/America.

As Western/White-based and oriented perspectives, your today's slave perspectives exist to make you see yourself in a negative light and to see the White man in a positive light and to see the White man's world as your own for which you must proudly die and live for no matter what and even when you are constantly rejected by it or treated inferior by it.

While your early Afrikan Ancestors never lost sight of the fact that they would find the ways and means to return Home to Continental Afrika as their Ultimate Goal of success in life, you, their today's children in USA and Europe insist on the right to see yourself fully at home in the White man's world.

But Just as the Elephant has the intelligence to know that Elephant can only live and prosper not in a fish world or in the monkey world or in the bird world but only in an Elephant World/Environment, in the same way, it is suicide for the ninety-nine percent of you my Afrikan brothers and sisters in USA and Europe to continue destroying if not fooling yourselves with the White man's lie that you can be kings and queens not in your Afrikan Home, World or Environment but only in your today's Western-based, oriented and dominated and controlled home, world and environment of yours.

This means, only your Continental Afrika-based and oriented Perspective in life and of the world can save you from your today's invisible Hell of your today's Alien perspectives because it alone can make you see and be kings and queens in your own Afrikan Home in USA and Europe instead of someone's home you call your home.

Besides, only your Afrikan Perspective in life has the power, the motive and the interest to teach how to recover, use and benefit form your Continental Afrikan Eyes or Perspective to strengthen who and what you are as Afrikans in USA and Europe rather than destroy who and what you are with the poison of who and what you are not.

Hence, to recover the Heaven of your Continental Afrikan Perspective is to be forever free from the Hell of your slave/colonial/neocolonial perspectives.

To master the daily use of your Afrikan Perspective is to see yourselves as part and parcel of your Continental Afrikan Saints, your Holy Afrikan Spirit within you, your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, whose Holy and Perfect Image you are made of as Continental Afrikans and as part and parcel of the entire Universe/Creation/Nature.

Hence, to gain back, at all cost, the daily use and benefit of your forgotten Continental Afrikan Eyes or Perspective is to regain back the limitless Power of your Glorious Continental Afrikan Paradise within you and which alone can make you see what your Foreign Creators do not want you to know or see or live by as your Freedom from the curse and genocide of preferring slave/colonial/neocolonial/foreign/alien perspectives to the Pride, Dignity, Security and Blessing of your own Continental Afrikan Perspective or Eyes.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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