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22.01.2012 Nigeria

A Final Stand for Biafra Actualization

By Uche Okoro
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In the affairs of men, there comes a time when rational filters have to be applied to separate everything that is unnecessary from those things that are critically important. The issues bedevilling Nigeria have come of age, just as Nigerians have also come of age in the understanding of these problems. Needless to recite the ongoing conflicts in Nigeria as they are no news – even a foetus in a Nigerian womb knows and also feels the impact of all the mayhem.

Since it has gotten to a point where the Hausas/Fulani have organised themselves into what they call the Boko Haram, aiming to annihilate the southern people and their culture, and also wipe out the religion of Christianity from Nigeria: and since they have also gained support from both local politicians as well as foreign groups, It will be complacent, better still foolhardy for the people of the Southeast and Southsouth regions to fold their hands and watch them fulfil this evil dream, which God Himself has not endorsed. But Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Dear people of Southeast and Southsouth regions, I would like to use this medium to implore each and every one of us, both individually and collectively, to embrace the spirit of oneness. My plea goes to every ethnic group within the former Eastern Region – The Biafraland. If any bitterness or animosity existed amongst any of the groups, please, this is a time to for forgiveness and reconciliation. I am of Igbo decent and was not even born during the Biafra – Nigeria war. But my parents fought in the war and the scars left by the war still remains in my family. I have also committed to reading a lot of published articles and prints on Biafra, and to this end, I would like to say to my people of the Southeastern states, please come back together.

The passing away of our God-given selfless defender and public voice, Emeka Ojukwu can be used as a very strong ground for unity of purpose. I strongly believe that we the people of Southeastern Nigeria can unite and determine our future. But before that can be achieved, there has to be a basis for trust and acceptance among ourselves. We can establish those without much ado.

Whatever may have transpired in the pre-independent years and 1960s Nigeria which may have led to mistrust among these ethnic nationalities should be discussed on a round table and resolved for good. Remember, the generation during which those problems may have occurred has passed, so our generation cannot afford to run our lives on the aftermath of past bitterness.

As the burial of Dim Ojukwu approaches, let us use this opportunity to invite all ethnic nationalities within the former Eastern region where Ojukwu himself reigned without corruption and marginalization. Let a date be set aside for a round table conference for reconciliation. My recommendation is that: since the burial will be a very good meeting point where many groups will meet to say a befitting farewell to our leader, let there be a meeting after the interment. All the various groups fighting for freedom within the South/Eastern region should have a real summit and start discussing our way forward. If Biafra must be actualized, we all need to realise that Biafra is not just an Igbo thing. The people of the Niger Delta and other Southsouth peoples also need to free themselves from Nigeria, and if the future Biafra will encompass all these regions mentioned, we all should start talking now! The Hausas and Fulani are united among themselves and hold their summits in the mosques and execute them against us. Their unity of focus and purpose is what is helping them to propagate their plans. We also should wake up, tell ourselves the truth, and act accordingly.

If Biafra must have her independence, the Igbos need the Ijaws, Ogonis, the Effiks and Ibibios, we all need one another, MASSOB needs MEND, etc. BLF needs NDLF and BILIE, the list continues. All the various groups need one another for one purpose or the other. Forget about language barrier, forget about your place of birth in this matter, and think about your plight in Nigeria and that of your up-coming generations. God helping us, if we must perpetrate our genes on this Earth, we must come together, resolve our past, and create a collective future that we all desire and deserve.

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