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13.01.2012 Feature Article

Leadership Deficit in Nigeria and the Misuse of The Blood of Jesus

Leadership Deficit in Nigeria and the Misuse of The Blood of Jesus
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The death of Jesus Christ signifies the greatest sacrifice of man on earth. Jesus Christ became the man incarnate, lived as a man , was murdered by men so that He could liberate mankind. In Christendom , the mention of the Blood of Jesus Christ is a significant expression of faith in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus Christ have been known to bring deliverance in certain dangerous and emergency situations when solicited by faithful adherents of faith. Revelation chapter 12 verse 11 says “we overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony”

The Blood of Jesus Christ is principally a programme of God for the deliverance of man from sin, self , pride , evil intentions and to help the prodigal man find his way back to purpose . The second reason is to act as cushion in times of emergency or precarious situations where Gods intervention is absolutely timely to avoid calamity. Nigerian adherents of Christianity have replaced the responsibilities of good leadership with shouting the Blood of Jesus.

The traveler had to cover the driver with the Blood of Jesus because the driver would most probably be either already drunk before the start of the journey or sleeping while driving, endangering lives.The vehicle had to be covered with The Blood because probably the tyres were already expired , the engine about to knock or the headlights are burnt. The surgeon had to be covered with the Blood because it is likely that the he will forget surgical knive in the belly of the patient while in a hurry to watch champions league match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The hospital will be equally covered by The Blood to prevent the unhygienic conditions in the wards from adding to the problem of the patient. The policeman had to receive The Blood dosage because in his drunken state he could accidentally discharge live bullets into the groin of innocent passengers. The lecturer needs to be covered by The Blood so that his manhood does not get attracted to beautiful female students and as a result deliberately fails them in the examination for his sexual advances to be realized.The highway needs The blood covering because the potholes on the road could send motorists to early grave and premature appearance before the Judgement Seat of Saint Peter.

You must cover your electronics with the blood of Jesus Christ because it could be so sub standard that it could explode while the kids are watching 'Scooby and the Mice' in Cartoon Network.Of course you cannot forget to cover your fence and gates with the Blood of Jesus because armed robbers could jump through at will without any challenge by the law enforcement agents even though their station is just a stone throw away. The list is endless. The common trait in all these is that there is deficit of leadership.

The drunken driver should have been sanctioned by the road safety officials but nobody cares and The Blood is converted to road safety official. The vehicle inspectors failed to impound the vehicle unfit for the road and as such The Blood is turned to vehicle inspector . The health worker fails to abide by the ethics of his profession and as such The Blood will do the work. The policeman was not scrutinized before being employed and The Blood will now have to perpetually checkmate him. The randy lecturer is above sanction by the senate of the university and as such The Blood becomes his manhood monitor.. The state refuses to budget money for roads repair and as such The Blood is converted to road contractor for safe passage of vehicles. The standards organizations refused to do their job and so The Blood is converted to goods inspection agency. The NAFDAC man refuses to prosecute producers of fake drugs and so The Blood is converted to emergency drug testing laboratory . The state governors and police commissioners have shared the security votes among themselves and a s such The Blood is converted to gateman to keep away armed robbers.

Substituting leadership responsibilities with prayer is part of the problem of Nigeria. The Blood of Jesus is not a houseboy who follows the mistress to purchase tomatoes, onions and crayfish in the market. It is rather a programme of God to help man overcome internal and external forces impeding the effective discharge of responsibilities with the fear of God. A public officer who is a Christian does the blood of Jesus much honour if he transacts government business with integrity. The same for the Christian in the media, schools, hospitals, motor park, legislature, judiciary, executive, armed forces, banks etc. When a Christians decide to do what is right, the Blood of Jesus empowers the person to confront darkness on the way of discharge of his duties and overcome darkness.

In developed climes Christians there don't spread the blood of Jesus all over the roads, the hospitals, the schools , the police stations etc because good leadership and institutions of government manned by men of integrity are there to ensure compliance and sanction offenders. Here in Nigeria the Christian and his Muslim counterpart prays a lot but when given the opportunity to salvage fellow countrymen from the hand of the oppressor, either abdicates the responsibility or joins hand with the oppressor to inflict more harm on the masses , while still joining others to pray for the exorcisization of the devil. Abdicating leadership responsibilities to shouting the Blood of Jesus is why the nation is in a gutter. The shouting is enough. Let us as individuals decide to do what is right and before we know it The Blood of Jesus Christ will empower us to drive those dark rulers out of Nigeria into the bottomless pit from where they were hoisted on our necks.

Obinna Akukwe
Financial/IT consultant

Obinna Akukwe
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