To Those Who Clamor For “A Continued One Nigeria: Stop! It's Too Late.

Feature Article To Those Who Clamor For “A Continued One Nigeria: Stop! It's Too Late.
JAN 6, 2012 LISTEN

The spirit of ignorance is the best gift from that serpent of old. Even when he promises illuminations, all he truly gives is a portion in his eternal darkness. This is why ignorance destroys the “innocents.” It's so because, most times, those who would comfortably and readily accept themselves as ignoramus, expecting justice to become partial for their sakes, are simply those who have vehemently refused the Spirit of truth; they would prefer their wickedness being excused for ignorance, and their unbelief, for lack of knowledge. But these are no longer days of ignorance, therefore, accountability demands justice. For such people, justice is higher a price to pay than the “free gift” of the devil. But has the father of all lies ever truly given any free gift? Amongst those who agitate for “A continued one Nigeria are men on satan's payroll; they would do anything to delay, suppress and erase the truth. But has the truth ever been obliterated? Not even once; if anything, when it springs up, its revelations bring quick justice which, to those who feign ignorance, becomes catastrophic. The agitation for a united Nigeria is too late and every clamor to keep the several nations which were compelled into this abomination of a name called Nigeria has become worthless and fruitless- in spirit and in truth.

The fathers of those who would do anything to keep Nigeria as one, even when they appear to be doing otherwise, were the very people who destroyed any hope a continued one Nigeria may have. Their hatred for the Igbo was unmistakable and resonating- even in our times. The Sardauna of Sokoto and former Premier of Northern Region, Sir Ahmadou Bello, articulated the everlasting stand and conviction of his generations- past, present and future- concerning the impossibility of a “One Nigeria, especially, a Nigeria where the Igbo are a part. In an interview which he granted in the 60s where he convincingly presented and represented to the world the views and stand of the entire Muslim North on Nigeria and the failure of the amalgamation of any country where they would ever have to live side-by-side with the Igbo, he made it clear that they only live to see to the death of the Igbo. Going through his interview here:, one would not mistake his words which perfectly put the North's convictions together as follows: "Well, the Ibos (Igbo) are more or less a type of people whose desire is mainly to dominate everybody. If they go to a village or a town, they want to monopolize everything in that area. If you put them in a labor camp as a laborer more than a year they will try to emerge as headmen of that labor camp...and so on. Well, in the past, our people were not alive to their responsibilities because..." This was from the Sardauna himself and he made it clear that their stand against the Igbo in what they still call one Nigeria would be a permanent one.

It should be recalled that The Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria (MULAN) have, last year, vowed to take legal means towards extending Sharia law to the Southern parts of Nigeria. The Sardauna of Sokoto claimed that the Igbo would want to dominate everybody but, in reality- both from his “great grand-father” to this generation of Northerners, domination is all they crave for while the Igbo have only wanted to trade and serve amongst them as they have always done in the past which success fueled great hereditary hatred. It was Usman Dan Fodio who invaded the North and compelled them, through every means, to bow to Islam; the Igbo, or any other group, were not compelled by the early Christian missionaries, and the Igbo do not compel because they love freedom. Today, Usman Dan Fodio is still compelling through his great grand-children, but now, with terrorism as a tool. Below are anti-Igbo utterances (filled with bigotry and hatred) by the leaders of the Northern Nigeria in their House of Assembly sometime between Feb-March, 1964:

“On the allocations of plots to Ibos, or allocation of stalls I would like to advise the minister that these people know how to make money and we do not know the way and manner of getting about this business. We do not want Ibos to be allocated with plots; I do not want them to be given plots.”-Mallam Muhammadu Mustapha Maude Gyari

“I would like you, as the Minister of land and Survey, to revoke forthwith all certificates of occupancy from the hands of the Ibos resident in the Region [Applause from the assembly floor].”-Mallam Bashari Umaru

“I am very glad that we are in Moslem country (sic), and the government of Northern Nigeria allowed some few Christians in the region, to enjoy themselves according to the belief of their religion, but building of hotels should be taken away from the Ibos and even if we find some Christians who are interested in building hotels and have no money to do so, the government should aid them, instead of allowing Ibos to continue with the hotels.”-Mr. A. A. Agigede

“I am one of the strong believers in Nigerian unity, and I have hoped for our having a United Nigeria, but certainly if the present trend of affairs continues, then I hope the government will investigate first the desirability and secondly the possibility of extending the Northernization policy to the petty Ibo traders [Applause].”-Prof. Iya Abubakar (special Member: Lecturer, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria)

“I would like to say something very important that the Minister should take my appeal to the federal government about the Ibos in the Post Office. I wish the members of these Ibos be reduced. There are too many of them in the North. They were just like sardines and I think they were just too dangerous to the region.”-Mallam Mukhtar Bello

“Mr. Chairman, Sir, well, first and foremost, what I have to say before this honorable House is that we should send a delegate to meet our honorable Premier to move a Motion in this very Budget Session that all the Ibos working in the Civil Service of Northern Nigeria, including the native authorities, whether they are contractors, or not, should be repatriated at once.”-Mallam Ibrahim Muse

“There should be no contracts either from the government, native authorities, or private enterprises given to Ibo contractors. [Government Bench: Good talk and shouts of “Fire the Southerners.”] Again Mr. Chairman, the foreign firms too should be given time limit to replace all Ibos in their firms by some other people.”-Mallam Bashari Umaru

“It is my most earnest desire that every post in the region, however small it is, be filled by a Northerner [Applause].”-The Premier, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sarduana of Sokoto

“What brought the Ibos into this region? They were here since the colonial days. Had it not been for the colonial rule, there would hardly have been any Ibo in this region. Now that there is no colonial rule the Ibos should go back to their region. There should be no hesitation about this matter. Mr. Chairman, North is for Northerners, east for the easterners, West for the Westerners, and the Federation is for all [Applause].”-Alhaji Usman Liman

“Mr. Chairman, Sir, I do not like to take up much of the time of this House in making explanations, but I would like to assure members that having heard their demands about Ibos holding land in Northern Nigeria, my ministry will do all it can to see that the demands of members are met. How to do this, when to do it, all this should not be disclosed. In due course, you will all see what will happen [Applause].”-Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Cashash, Minister of Land and Survey.

The above were statements made on the floor of the Northern House of Assembly on what to do about the Igbos – (Feb-March 1964) presented by Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu at the OAU Special Session, Addis Ababa, August 05, 1968. According to Alhaji Usman Liman, who got much applause from his Northern counterparts in their plots against the Igbo: “North is for Northerners, east for the easterners, West for the Westerners, and the Federation is for all.” My question is: without considering the bigotry implicated by the use of the change case here, why have they fought and killed to take of what belongs to the South yet keep their gold and mineral resources to their individual selves? It will do no one any good to let himself loose into believing that the leaders of Northern extracting have changed in their quest to dominate and enslave the entire South.

The cheat and fraud of a journalist who calls himself Dr. Reuben Abati stood clearly against the burdensome policies of the federal government of Nigeria when, in reacting against subsidy removal and other matters in Nigeria, in 2009, he clearly wrote what the continued enslavement of Nigerians by the ruling class would inevitably bring thus: “We shall start stoning the economists in official corridors. Although the corruption and wickedness which now runs in his blood pushed him to remove the original post, his sycophancy and hypocrisy have gone viral- thanks to the internet. He was so incensed against the corruption and evil ravaging Nigeria that he proposed a jungle kind of justice, something close to Buhari's lynching rights to all Muslims which, in many ways have fueled Boko Haram; he predicted that Nigerians' patience would inevitably and eventually reach its elastic limit and would break- leading to the “stoning the economists in official corridors.” But today, he is the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, and the spirit which has held Nigeria this long- the spirit of crime, corruption and depravity- has caught up with him. He now sees his wisdom as foolishness and the masses as 'rightly' condemned by God; he now stands, like a filthy dog that goes back to its vomit, against what he was once willing to die for in the days when his conscience was still alive to God and true love for his neighbors. Another example of such irritating and disgusting cons and clowns is the former president of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Adams Aliyu Eric Oshiomhole. He spoke vehemently in favor of the people and democracy in the day when he was the leader of the labour union. That passion earned him the seat of the governorship in Edo state. But today, he is as cold as ice even when it comes to matters threatening to eat up the people. He simply got swallowed in the ocean of the Nigeria evil cult. The president of our time, who has every good name attached to him, has now become a stranger to those who overwhelmingly gave him his mandate. According to him, he went to school without shoes and he grew up in the creeks; so, he naturally feels the pains of the masses. But today, he emphatically states that he is ready for a revolution. While he budgets unmentionable amount of money for his “immortality car” and the presidential feeding of the “five thousands” a day, he expects Nigerians, who could not get the government to pay a minimum wage of N18, 000.00, to buy petrol at the rate of over N150.00 per liter.

These things are not strange; what is strange is the blindness of Nigerians to the truth: Nigeria was long accursed and, no matter who enters those seats, corruption will never go. Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala had a unique personality when she was actively with the World Bank; but today, due to the politics of “Chop I chop, Naija people no fit do anything” in Nigeria, she has thrown all cautions to the wind. Looking at her today all you will see is a woman receiving in a month more than she ever hoped for in a lifetime. The only thing awaiting Nigeria is dissolution; it is the best thing waiting to happen to those still called Nigerians. It is already here but everyone should prepare for it. To those who pray to God to help Nigeria, it should save you to know that your prayers are an abomination before God because woe shall be to him who tells the evil man: “you are doing perfectly well.” Nigeria has gone beyond the point of working towards unity or progress or anything which makes a people truly united under one name as a country. What remains are rusted cords of enslavement, and these are falling off as each second ticks by. Finally, to all who love truth, peace, prosperity, security and life: clamor for the break-up of Nigeria; work towards the disintegration of this Luggardist evil of a country called Nigeria. This is, sadly- but then- happily, what is left of this marriage of Britain's convenience. To you who fear for a break-up: you are already dead because the chains of enslavement is the messenger of death. Wake up from your sleep of death because life comes with it. It's too late for a continued one Nigeria, and it's too late for the spirit of bondage to still enslave. It's the time of great freedom and jubilation- whichever way you look at it.

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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