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JOY FM is at it again, packaging a fake anti-NDC government story and presenting it to Ghanaians as a fact!

The Accra-based station several times yesterday broadcasted a news item that claimed that a pressure group called The Generational Youth Movement has dragged President Mills to CHRAJ over the judgement debt paid to businessman, Alfred Woyome.

The radio station claimed that the Generational Youth Movement is asking the investigative body to find out what due diligence was done by the President and his cabinet before GH¢58million was paid to Mr. Woyome.

However, a quick crosschecking of the facts of this issue by this paper revealed that CHRAJ has not received any formal complaint from the so-called Generational Youth Movement.

Simply put, it is a palpable lie that the Generational Youth Movement, which to all intents and purposes is a pro-NPP group has made a complaint to CHRAJ on the matter of the judgement debts.

Further work done by this paper revealed that CHRAJ has not really fully resumed operations after the Christmas and New Year holiday because its office is under renovation. Why did the radio station refuse or fail to crosscheck the claims of the pro-NPP group?

JOY FM's official website, myjoyonline, as usual skewed the story to make the President and the NDC look bad.

The website claimed in its reportage that the payment of the judgement debt to Mr. Woyome provoked 'a sea of controversy”. This again, is another lie. It is clear to all and sundry that it is only the opposition NPP which is shouting itself hoarse over the matter.

Again, the website described the judgement debt as 'controversial” even though there is nothing controversial about it. Mr. Woyome, a businessman, felt short-changed by then President Kufuor's abrogation of the CAN 2008 Stadium contract won by a consortium he led. He went to court and secured a judgement debt in his favour. Period! He is not the first person to win a judgement debt nor will he be the last.

Gradually, the hitherto neutrality of JOY FM is fading, with the station holding itself up as a pro-NPP media outlet.

Source: Dailypost News

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